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Watch Humanoids from the Deep Online in HD,DVD,iPod,DivX formats | Download The Humanoids from the Deep

Genres: Horror , Sci-Fi
Actors: Doug McClure , Ann Turkel , Vic Morrow , Cindy Weintraub , Anthony Pena , Denise Galik , Lynn Theel , Meegan King , Breck Costin , Hoke Howell , Don Maxwell , David Strassman , Greg Travis , Linda Shayne , Lisa Glaser
Director: Barbara Peeters
Country: United States
Year: 1980
IMDB Rating: 5.5/10 (3069 votes)

Scientific experiments backfire and produce horrific mutations: halfman, halffish which terrorize a small fishing village by killing the men and raping the women.

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Watch Another Day in Paradise Online in HD,DVD,iPod,DivX formats | Download Another Day in Paradise Full-lenght

Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller
Actors: James Woods , Melanie Griffith , Vincent Kartheiser , Natasha Gregson Wagner , James Otis , Branden Williams , Brent Briscoe , Peter Sarsgaard , Paul Hipp , Kim Flowers , John Gatins , Ryan Donahue , Christopher Doyle , Dick Hancock , Pamela Gordon
Director: Larry Clark
Country: United States
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (5702 votes)

Bobbie is an addict and small-time thief. When one of his jobs goes bad, Mel is called in to patch him up. Mel offers him a chance at a bigger score. Over time, Mel and his girlfriend Sid become almost like parents to Bobbie and his girlfriend Rosie, but this can’t last.

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Watch Three the Hard Way Online in HD,DVD,iPod,DivX formats | Three the Hard Way Film Download Full Film

Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Actors: Jim Brown , Fred Williamson , Jim Kelly , Sheila Frazier , Jay Robinson , Charles McGregor , Howard Platt , Richard Angarola , David Chow , Marian Collier , Junero Jennings , Alex Rocco , Corbin Bernsen , Renie Radich , Janice Carroll
Director: Gordon Parks Jr.
Country: United States
Year: 1974
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (320 votes)

The story involves a white supremist plot to taint the United States water supply with a toxin that is harmless to whites but lethal to blacks. The only obstacles that stand in the way of this dastardly plan are Jim Brown, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly, who shoot, kick and karate chop their way to final victory.

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Watch Bullet Boy Online in HD,DVD,iPod,DivX formats | Bullet Boy Film Download Full Film

Genres: Drama
Actors: Ashley Walters , Luke Fraser , Leon Black , Claire Perkins , Sharea-mounira Samuels , Curtis Walker , Rio Tison , Clark Lawson , Jadiel Vitalis , Sylvester Williams , Jaime Winstone , Louise Delamere , Des Hamilton , Chris Callendar , Husseyn Clus
Director: Saul Dibb
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (1507 votes)

Pray… They may be your last words…

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Watch Naked in New York Online in HD,DVD,iPod,DivX formats | Naked in New York Full Movie Hd Quality

Genres: Comedy , Romance
Actors: Eric Stoltz , Mary-Louise Parker , Ralph Macchio , Jill Clayburgh , Tony Curtis , Timothy Dalton , Lynne Thigpen , Kathleen Turner , Roscoe Lee Browne , Whoopi Goldberg , Paul Guilfoyle , Calista Flockhart , Arabella Field , Lisa Gay Hamilton , David Johansen
Director: Daniel Algrant
Country: United States
Year: 1993
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (1114 votes)

Naked in New York begins in the car of grown up Jake, he is talking to us about his girlfriend, Joanne, (watch for the facial expressions) and to whom you can turn to for help while facing life (‘your parents, nyaa, I don’t think so’). From there it flashes back to his memories of his parents, college, house across from a squirrel infested peanut factory, best friend, writing career and Joanne.

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Watch See Jane Run Online in HD,DVD,iPod,DivX formats | See Jane Run Divx Hd

Genres: Horror
Actors: Jennifer Clary , Sasha Andreev , Joe Estevez , John Gabriel Rodriquez , Kevin Haberer , Jeremy Steel , Samantha Bianchini , Jimmy Henry , Anisa Farrow
Director: Ryan Webb
Country: United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 3.6/10 (150 votes)

See Jane Run is a horror film from jenkev productions, Inc. about psychological instability, religion, suburbia and good old Texas BBQs. In the same vein as classic horror movies from the 1970s, this film begins with four teenagers picking up a hitchhiker. When the advice from a local auto mechanic turns deadly, the travelers find themselves trapped in a warped version of the American dream from which only a disturbed mind can escape.

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Watch Follow the Fleet Online in HD,DVD,iPod,DivX formats | Watch Follow the Fleet The Film Full Version

Genres: Comedy , Musical , Romance
Actors: Fred Astaire , Ginger Rogers , Randolph Scott , Harriet Hilliard , Astrid Allwyn , Betty Grable , Harry Beresford , Russell Hicks , Brooks Benedict , Ray Mayer , Lucille Ball
Director: Mark Sandrich
Country: United States
Year: 1936
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (2074 votes)

When the fleet puts in at San Francisco, sailor Bake Baker tries to rekindle the flame with his old dancing partner, Sherry Martin, while Bake’s buddy Bilge Smith romances Sherry’s sister Connie. But it’s not all smooth sailing: Bake has a habit of losing Sherry’s jobs for her; and despite Connie’s dreams, Bilge is not ready to settle down.

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