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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Actors: Jim Brown , Fred Williamson , Jim Kelly , Sheila Frazier , Jay Robinson , Charles McGregor , Howard Platt , Richard Angarola , David Chow , Marian Collier , Junero Jennings , Alex Rocco , Corbin Bernsen , Renie Radich , Janice Carroll
Director: Gordon Parks Jr.
Country: United States
Year: 1974
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (320 votes)

The story involves a white supremist plot to taint the United States water supply with a toxin that is harmless to whites but lethal to blacks. The only obstacles that stand in the way of this dastardly plan are Jim Brown, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly, who shoot, kick and karate chop their way to final victory.

Film Review

It is time for super duper stars to remake this one in our life time. Denzel Washington playing Jim Browns part. Will Smith playing Fred WIlliamsons role. And Westly Snipes playing Jim Kellys part. Set it off with a great sound track and the rest is history. Thats what love will do, thats what love will do. While you are at it look up an old movie with Doris Day and James Gardner called MOVE OVER DARLING. Please do a remake of this classic using Will Smith and Beyonce Knowles and after you revisit watching the old classic you will agree that Usher Raymond would be awesome playing Chuck Conners role. Say I am crazy if you may but I just gave you two new classics and I look forward to seeing these remake AT THE MOVIES!!!!!!

When diabolical racist/fascist/evil white cracker Monroe Feather (Robinson), with the help of fellow evil whitey, scientist Dr. Fortrero (Richard Angarola) invent a red serum that is harmless to whites and lethal to blacks and plan to dump it in the water supplies of Washington D.C., Detroit and L.A., they didn't count on one thing – the awesome power of Jimmy Lait (Brown), Jagger Daniels (Williamson) and Mister Keyes (Kelly)! Can this team of righteous soul brothers take down Feather's budding, red-beret wearing neo-Nazi organization, or will millions of African-Americans perish? They really, truly do not make them like this anymore. Films like this should be treasured. Just look at the tagline on the poster above. Can you imagine a movie coming out today that proudly, in big red letters, proclaims that they are going to save their race? Three the Hard Way, besides being a clever title (three dudes, three cities that must be saved, and three dominatrixes, but more on that l…

A group of neo-Nazis plot to poison the water supply of three major American cities with a chemical that will wipe out the black population. Enter Fred Williamson, Jim Brown and Jim Kelly. This trio of badasses get on the case and immediately start kicking Nazi butt.Three the Hard Way is an action-packed blaxploitation flick that's main selling point seems to be the inclusion of three big stars of the genre in one movie. The trio of leads are all good value too, especially Jim Kelly and his kung fu fighting. The plot-line itself is fairly basic but it does allow for a set-up where the three inner-city black heroes can take on The Man and outwit him at every stage. There is a huge body-count as Nazi after Nazi is gunned down, blown up or kicked into oblivion. Once the three friends hook up it's basically a non-stop barrage of action. We also have a trio of inter-racial colour co-ordinated topless motorcycle dominatrixes who interrogate one Nazi with methods we can only imagin…