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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Katharine Hepburn , Paul Henreid , Oskar Homolka , Yul Brynner , Richard Chamberlain , Edith Evans , Donald Pleasence , Joellina Smadja , Henri Virlojeux , John Gavin , Gordon Heath , Nanette Newman , George Hilsdon , Henri Cogan , Gerald Sim
Director: Bryan Forbes
Country: United States
Year: 1969
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (418 votes)

With the world getting ready to blow itself up, look who’s minding the store.

Film Review

Question: In 1943 what movie starred Katherine Hepburn, Katherine Cornell, and Harpo Marx? ANSWER: STAGE DOOR CANTEEN Question: In 1969 what movie starred Katherine Hepburn, Dame Edith Evans, and Danny Kaye?ANSWER: THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOTOdd that Kate Hepburn should pop up in two unfair trivia questions, but it does happen. Actors do run into each other in all kinds of films, both good and bad, memorable and forgettable, and regular or short film (look at a comic short called THE STOLEN JOOLES which has most of the stars of Hollywood in the 1930s in it).STAGE DOOR CANTEEN was done for patriotic morale boosting for our soldiers, and it celebrated the canteens used to entertain our men on furlough. So the making of that film had a reason that transcends it's current obscurity. I might add, as it is the only major movie that stage star Katherine Cornell popped up in for just a few minutes, it is worth it as a time capsule as such.But THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT was based on a Giraudoux…

A fable of human and societal archetypes spanning the generations. But what wonderful surprises from Danny Kaye as the Ragpicker. His soliloquies during the trial demolish all the stereotypes of what he was capable of as an actor. Those moments, alone, are worth the fare. Kathryn Hepburn puts in a typically professional performance in a role she enjoyed. Donald Pleasance is marvelously malevolent as the Prospector. Yul Brynner is terrific in an atypical role – probably his best since "Invitation to a Gunfighter". If the story suffers from anything, it is overreach – too many characters of outlooks that are too similar wasted on name actors. John Gavin puts in a strange performance that could have been better filled by dozens of other actors.