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Genres: Action , Drama , Sport
Actors: Olivier Gruner , Jalal Merhi , Lorenzo Lamas , Michael Blanks , Gail Harris , Shaunt Benjamin , Gary Hudson , Jim Shagen , Lucas Bablin , Lovake Heyer , Gerald Okamura , Elise Moller , Chino XL , Nino Cappuccino , Winston Bailey
Director: Jalal Merhi
Country: United States
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 3.5/10 (145 votes)

Prisoners are dying at the Ogden Correctional Institution, a prison where a corrupt Warden has taken justice and business into his own hands. In the bowels of this prison, an underground fighting society has been formed. The Circuit is flourishing until investigative reporter Nicole Kent is thrown into the mix, and into Pike’s cell where she is viciously attacked and left for dead. Enter Dirk Longstreet. Dirk, who was once a fighting champion on the Eastern seaboard circuit, now has to sit idly by as his girlfriend fights for her life. Dirk decides to fight for revenge.

Film Review

Just, don't do it. This movie should come with a warning; "Contains Lorenzo Lamas, may cause herpes". I used to like Oliver Grunner, he was never a big star, never seemed destined to be one. But he was good for some fancy kicks, and ridiculous plots that gave birth to severe @$$ whoopings. After seeing this, I hate him. I already Lorenzo Lamas, and even if you don't, even if you're one of those people that still claims "Renegade" was a good show… You won't be able to handle this. The acting is horrid, the writing is horrid, the everything is horrid. This is the kind of movie they should force people to watch as part of interrogation, though, thinking about that, I think it would be more human to water board someone. This movie is so bad it decreased my sperm count.

I have liked Olivier Gruner since his "Angel Town", and have enjoyed, if nothing else, his physical performances and skills over the years. I have also liked Jalel Merhi’s pictures, at times, and he, himself is no martial arts slouch. However, in "the Circuit 2", somebody went to sleep in the cutting room. First,it’s not well directed, and it appears choppy and disorganized. Loose ends abound. The killing of Nicole took forever, and was bad theatre in the story’s context. I mean she was assaulted, raped and in a coma, and one murder squad had already been deflected. The second attempt, only mentioned not confirmed, seemed unlikely, now that hospital and police were alerted and on guard since the first attempt. The denoument at site of the big last fight did not make a lot of sense to me–unless we’re going to see "The Circuit 3" Lorenzo Lamas was misused, and what newspaperman goes on police raids armed and shooting? C’mon, Jalel, you can do better.

While slightly better than the first rendition of this series that’s not to be taken as a compliment either, only because the first one was just so God awful! The sequel was just as bad, the fight scenes were boring and hosted some of the worst acting my eyes have ever laid sight upon. They seriously might as well just hold the script right in front of them and do a cold reading that’s how heinous it comes out. The only thing that this had somewhat going for it was that the plot had a little bit better of a background and could have been turned into something interesting had the right screenwriters gotten their hands upon it. The other part was that there were one or two quotes that were cool, but make no mistake; it didn’t save this movie in the least bit. They even brought back those corny tiki-torches for the end fight scenes that were used in the first one that any person can pick up at the dollar store easily. It goes without saying that the body count adds up once again with no …