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Genres: Horror
Actors: Jennifer Clary , Sasha Andreev , Joe Estevez , John Gabriel Rodriquez , Kevin Haberer , Jeremy Steel , Samantha Bianchini , Jimmy Henry , Anisa Farrow
Director: Ryan Webb
Country: United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 3.6/10 (150 votes)

See Jane Run is a horror film from jenkev productions, Inc. about psychological instability, religion, suburbia and good old Texas BBQs. In the same vein as classic horror movies from the 1970s, this film begins with four teenagers picking up a hitchhiker. When the advice from a local auto mechanic turns deadly, the travelers find themselves trapped in a warped version of the American dream from which only a disturbed mind can escape.

Film Review

See Jane Run is a fun rental. It's artsy and sort of slow at the beginning but the end is packed with horror/torture scenes that make you cringe. The sound is a little fuzzy in the first scene but is actually clearer in the rest of the film than the sound usually is in low budget horror movies. The actors all did a great job building the tension and keeping you guessing. I actually thought that Jane was the killer until the middle of the movie, so that was pretty cool. The iron scene is also a high point. Even though the story is nothing special, it held together pretty well and was on the same level as other horror films I have seen. The special effects varied in their quality. Some of them worked really well while others were less believable. Overall, I gave the movie a 9 because the acting and cinematography were great for a low budget film. I definitely would recommend this to horror fans.

I didn't expect much from a Joe Estevez movie after "gems" like Death Row and Zombiegeddon. See Jane Run is actually a pretty good movie. While it obviously doesn't have a budget and isn't a blockbuster horror film like Hostel or Saw, I thought that the acting and picture were extremely good. The actors didn't overact like they do in most horror flicks. I thought that was great. The story wasn't anything new, but it kept my attention and the payoff was good at the end. I think that the direction of the film was the weakest link, but the actors and cinematographer did an awesome job and I would definitely recommend See Jane Run to anyone looking for a movie that skates the line between horror and art house.