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Genres: Documentary
Actors: Graham Allison , James Baker III , Bruce Blair , Tony Blair , Zbigniew Brzezinski , Matthew Bunn , Richard Burt , Jimmy Carter , Mike Chinoy , Joseph Cirincione , Richard Cizik , Thomas D’Agostino , F.W. de Klerk , Pascal Fias , Alexander Glaser
Director: Lucy Walker
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (1219 votes)

A documentary about the escalating nuclear arms race.

Film Review

When I was a youngster I was keenly aware of the eminent threat of nuclear disaster that could wipe us out at any moment. We had drills in school where we would duck under our desks and run away from the window, as if that could protect us from a nuclear blast. But once the cold war ended, the idea that an Atomic or Hydrogen Bomb could destroy our cities or end our lives was not a concern. Even when the news reported that Iran was trying to become a nuclear power, my anxiety was not raised and I never thought that my life, the safety of my family or our country's well being was in jeopardy. That is until I saw this documentary film written and directed by Lucy Walker and produced and edited by a crackerjack experienced team. They skillfully build the film around the words of John F. Kennedy who proclaimed in a speech in 1961, "Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accide…

No surprise the new 'Countdown to Zero' disarmament documentary omits life-saving strategies from their agenda of banning nukes, like advocating public Civil Defense, to try and better survive nukes in the meantime.The disarmament movement for decades has hyped that with nukes; all will die or it will be so bad you'll wish you had. Most have bought into it, now thinking it futile, bordering on lunacy, to ever try to learn how to survive a nuclear blast and radioactive fallout.In a tragic irony, these disarmament activists have rendered millions of American families even more vulnerable to perishing from nukes in the future.For instance, most now ridicule 'duck & cover', but for the vast majority, not right at 'ground zero' and already gone, the blast wave will be delayed in arriving after the flash, like lightening & thunder, anywhere from a fraction of a second up to 20 seconds, or more.Today, without 'duck & cover' training…