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Genres: Drama
Actors: Ashley Walters , Luke Fraser , Leon Black , Claire Perkins , Sharea-mounira Samuels , Curtis Walker , Rio Tison , Clark Lawson , Jadiel Vitalis , Sylvester Williams , Jaime Winstone , Louise Delamere , Des Hamilton , Chris Callendar , Husseyn Clus
Director: Saul Dibb
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (1507 votes)

Pray… They may be your last words…

Film Review

I saw Bullet Boy at a preview screening by Verve Pictures; I had been given the tickets and didn’t know what to expect. The only thing I knew was that the main part was played by a member of So Solid Crew, Asher D (Ashley Walters), and so I was maybe a bit sceptical as to his acting abilities.Ultimately, however, this film was brilliant: shocking, tender, wonderfully acted and beautifully directed. The dialogue is convincingly authentic and the camera work evoked a documentary. Ashley Walters is outstanding, his physical presence on film given weight by his subtle performance; Luke Fraser shines as his younger brother Curtis. The pervading sense that it is all going to end in an horrific manner, is tempered by the feeling at the end that there is also some hope for the future in the form of the younger boy, who attempts to escape from the endless cycle of gun crime.I came out of this film with a sense of the huge disparity between different people’s experiences of London; there’s no g…

Over the last 20 years the majority of British films are about how horribly poverty stricken the UK is and how our youth doesn't stand a chance of a good life whilst they live on the mean streets of British cities. The British film industry is obsessed with the idea of 'broken Britain'. Trainspotting, This is England, Kidulthood, Football Factory, Kes and From London to Brighton.Bullet Boy is just another British movie added to that list. The main character expresses a desire to go straight yet he still insists on hanging around with dead beats who carry guns and fight with gang members over nothing. I was never convinced that he did want to go straight as there was nothing stopping him pursuing an education or a trade. In fact it would have been a breath of fresh air if he had of gone straight and we had a character who turned his life around. Instead he spends his time helping his friend trying to commit murder. I felt no sympathy when he is predictably shot by anothe…

It’s a bad, very bad movie.Well, for people a real realistic movie is a good thing. For me it is not. Life is also predictable, bad, nasty, trivial, senseless, sometimes. Maybe that’s the reason for people say that this film is real.Too many common places: you’re black, you’re a criminal, you’re doomed and cursed, whatever you do you’ll end up by shooting or being shot by someone; don’t let the kids play with the weapons, it could be dangerous; and then there are those who go to the church, and then they are good, very good…Before this one, I hadn’t seen such a bad movie. That’s perhaps the reason for I never noticed how important the photography itself is important in a movie. In this one, every scene shot in daytime, outdoor, is clearly and annoyingly blue. They didn’t even care to correct the colour balance. Oh! I’ve "rated" more than 300 movies in this database so far, and this (3/10) is my lowest ever.