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Genres: Action , Thriller , Crime
Actors: Aamir Khan , Mamta Kulkarni , Paresh Rawal , Avtar Gill , Mushtaq Khan , Aparajita , Kulbhushan Kharbanda , Raza Murad , Asrani , Kunika , Mukesh Rishi , Satish Shah , Ashish Vidyarthi , Puneet Issar , Haidar Ali
Director: Ashutosh Gowariker
Country: India
Year: 1995
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (463 votes)

Inspector Amar Damjee discovers a terrifying crime in the street when he saves the lives of bus passengers. Now his job is as a police inspector to identify the terrorists. Suddenly, when a police commisioner’s daughter is killed in a homicide, Amar is framed for it and goes to jail. When he escapes along with the other prisoners accidently, he goes out to prove his innocence and find the man behind this, which Amar also discovers that he was his parent’s killer too.

Film Review

Baazi, directed by Ashotosh Gowarikar is an action and thriller. By seeing the movie, one can imagine that a really hard work is done by all the cast. Aamir Khan in the leading role is superb and Mamta Kulkarni is even more lovely. She has done a brilliant job in proving herself to the role she had been given. What can I say about the other cast. Raza Murad, Paresh Rawal, Asrani, Satish Shah, Ashish Vidhyarti, Mukesh Rishi and Kulbhushan are all excellent. The script and direction are good and production value is also outstanding. The music by Anu Malik is absolutely brilliant. All the songs are very nice. Despite all these things, I wonder why it didn’t become a blockbuster on the box office. One reason may be that it might be a remake of an English movie. Whatsoever is the reason, I don’t know. The movie is a good entertainer in my point of view.

(Some spoilers)As a fan of Indian films, I found this one to be very entertaining and exciting from beginning to end. Though I’m not an ethnic Indian, a few of my friends are and they introduced me to this world of major Indian studio films, the best of which come from major studios in Bombay hence ‘Bollywood.’ This one has several major Hollywood action and dramas referenced as well as previous Bollywood action flicks too.For the plot, it opens with police inspector Amar Damjee foiling an assassination attempt on a bus load of people at a rural rest stop (shades of Harrison Ford in Patriot Games) by a terrorist group seeking to abduct a government VIP. He is labeled by the press as a hero and becomes an instant celebrity. But one of the terrorists Amar kills is the brother of the leader and they form a complex plan to frame him for the murder of the police commissioner’s daughter which Amar is sent to prison. But with the help from an inmate, Amar escapes and sets out to find the te…