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Genres: Action , Adventure , Drama
Actors: Joakim Nätterqvist , Sofia Helin , Stellan Skarsgård , Bibi Andersson , Gustaf Skarsgård , Fanny Risberg , Joel Kinnaman , Jakob Cedergren , Morgan Alling , Anders Baasmo Christiansen , Nicholas Boulton , Frank Sieckel , Barnaby Kay , Robert Willox , Martin Wallström
Director: Peter Flinth
Country: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (4372 votes)


Film Review

So i saw the first Arn movie couple of years ago, in Stockholm cinema then i thought the movie was kinda slow and little boring but when i heard about this movie i knew that they had to make a less slow movie, and my wish came true. This movie wasn't that slow as the first one, so you will have a movie with many actions in it! Arn is the hero again in this movie, kills everyone and saves many people. He battles danish kings and danish army's and much more. And the spoiling thing is that Arn wont do any more movies. But enjoy the movie and have patience in it! You wont be disappointed but it can be slow some times! If you like Troy and Gladiator you have came wrong. But if you like Braveheart you have came right! So take your wallet with you and go see this movie and judge it by yourself!

This movie is probably the worst film ever made from a book! The screenwriter and director had no idea of what made the books so thrilling and loved by all Swedes. In their ignorance, they turned the biggest movie project in Sweden's history into a joke. The only good parts are long episodes with beautiful scenery and music, but the time spent on those parts are balanced out with shorter dialogues. Even if I read the books twice, which I have, I don't follow the story. Now to the worst parts – the war scenes. If you've seen Kingdom of Heaven, you know what an army of thousands should look like. In Arn it's more like: "Oh no, I'm so scared, cause here comes the bad guys, all twenty of them! How are we gonna make it"? I would rather laugh at a computer fake of 20 000 people than to see an approaching army of twenty people, zoomed in and all so you only see ten of them. It is without question a joke, and I regret paying money to see this film.

Arn – Rikets vid Vägens Slut like Braveheart, or El Cid truly remind us that without honor and chivalry – real service – life is without meaning. It is frankly a straight out terrific watch – it carries its weight as the most expensive Swedish film ever – and some for this movie goer. Faster, tougher, and with more battles and drama, it is not only longer than its predecessor, it's also a class above. This is well considered film-making and I take mild exception to those here who found the filming naive or under par: several of the camera shots in the desert are breathtaking; simply outstanding. There seems to more effort this time when it comes to scenery, costuming (Weave and weft look right), lighting, and in particular sound – all are well-judged and the palette particular in the Nordic scenes are full of subtle grays and blues that lend much. Unlike the first one really sees the money up on the screen.In addition Arn mixes more humor, Norwegians in particular come off wi…