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Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller
Actors: James Woods , Melanie Griffith , Vincent Kartheiser , Natasha Gregson Wagner , James Otis , Branden Williams , Brent Briscoe , Peter Sarsgaard , Paul Hipp , Kim Flowers , John Gatins , Ryan Donahue , Christopher Doyle , Dick Hancock , Pamela Gordon
Director: Larry Clark
Country: United States
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (5702 votes)

Bobbie is an addict and small-time thief. When one of his jobs goes bad, Mel is called in to patch him up. Mel offers him a chance at a bigger score. Over time, Mel and his girlfriend Sid become almost like parents to Bobbie and his girlfriend Rosie, but this can’t last.

Film Review

I thought this was a very enjoyable movie, with good acting all around, including the two kids, Kartheiser and Gregson Wagner. The story of smalltime criminals that want to make it big, the story about drugs and violence, is perhaps not very new, but the way it’s narrated in "Another Day in Paradise" makes it really worthwhile to watch the movie. What is, to some extent, new or different in this story is the theme of growing up, an issue that the two young protagonists are facing with fear and resentment.So I think this is a movie that is fun to watch and shouldn’t disappoint any kind of viewer, and has a high re-watchability factor. In the scale from 1 to 10, I give it a solid 7.

Let me begin with a personal note as a film and television buff, more on the enjoyment side of life: I love what James Woods can do and has done, and I always love Melanie Griffith, and Natasha Wagner was very good in this awful, miserable, stinking "true crime" essay.Whoever really wrote this film apparently never spent any time talking to real criminals with real criminal talents: yes, some thieves are junkies but they have very short careers as thieves. Truly successful thieves are seldom caught because they don't do "junk" or any drugs before going on a score ( job ).The James Woods character was true to this paradigm in the beginning of this film, and then the script fell apart completely. He turns into a raging, alcoholic lunatic …. nice work for a high-strung guy like Woods, maybe, but not in the least bit believable.Most criminals are lazy. If they wanted to work they would work.These people in this film are beautiful, self-indulgent, drug-addled narc…

This is one of the most disturbing, pessimistic, and overall depressing films I’ve ever seen — naturally I loved it. It affected me powerfully. The camera work/artistic shot set-ups, along with the dark color quality set the tone for the whole movie. Not at all like the unappetizing "Kids," director Larry Clark’s first feature, this movie is constantly shocking, but not just for the sake of shock value. It’s unashamedly graphic in a way that most contemporary films avoid, making it cuttingly real. It also stands apart from most big heist movies, because it is character- rather than plot-driven.James Woods is fantastic as always, and even Melanie Griffith (not one of my faves) is very well cast. The young Vincent Kartheiser, however, as a teen runaway turned junkie/petty criminal, steals the show. The camera loves him, and his adolescent volatility is painfully believable. I wasn’t as much of a fan of Natasha Gregson Wagner, as Kartheiser’s girlfriend, but even she s…