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Genres: Drama
Actors: Chris Jordan , Jamie Gillis , Eric Edwards , Jennifer Jordan , Rebecca Brooke , Jennifer Welles , Julia Sorel , Susan Sloan , Alex Mann , Sonny Landham
Director: Joseph W. Sarno
Country: United States
Year: 1975
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (160 votes)

An erotically-charged soap opera, Sarno style.

Film Review

At last, a long-lost Joe Sarno film from his peak period as a softcore director has made its way onto DVD, just like the titular character Abigail Leslie has been away for years but has now returned to the small town of Baypoint, where her sexual appetite made her infamous. Abigail is a woman who is serious about her carnal pursuits, and upon her return she immediately re-establishes her pursuit of the flesh of a lonely tomboy (Chris Jordan) who has a longing for her brother (Eric Edwards), a repressed housewife (Julia Sorel) who harbors a hidden love of the ladies, and a troubled husband and wife (Jamie Gillis and Rebecca Brooke), Abigail having seduced the husband prior to her departure years earlier. Through a series of erotic encounters, all of which are instigated by Abigail Leslie, all the characters in the story find sexual healing and some degree of happiness, and some just have a plain old good time.There are many appealing elements to "Abigail Leslie". The acting b…

I first saw the film Abigail Leslie is Back in Town in the 1970's – shortly after it had been made. I believe I saw it on cable in some early cable attempt at late night programming. As a then enthusiastic consumer of 'lesbian porn', I remember enjoying it a lot at that time.Recently some inspired promoter re-issued the film on DVD; as I was highly curious about whether or not it had stood the test of time, I bought a copy and watched it.The movie was originally issued as a 'soft core' art film. Therefore, it must be judged on two criterion: does it work as a porn film: and does it work as an art film.The problem is that, as a porn film, it moves way too slowly to succeed. Even the erotic moments are extended beyond the attention span of the average porn viewer. And the connective 'soap opera', which centers around the title character's return from exile after sleeping with the husband of the most uptight woman in town, leaves something to be desir…