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Genres: Comedy , Crime
Actors: Jane Russell , Keenan Wynn , Ralph Meeker , Fred Clark , Una Merkel , Benay Venuta , Robert Harris , Bob Kelley , Dick Haynes , John Truax , Milton Frome , Adolphe Menjou
Director: Norman Taurog
Country: United States
Year: 1957
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 (173 votes)

Laurel Srevens (Jane Russell), a movie star is kidnapped by a pair of amateurs, Mike Valla (Ralph Meeker) and “Dandy” (Keenan Wynn). But their hearts aren’t really into their work and they decide to let her go. Laurel, worried abut the effect a phoney kidnapping will have on her career, tells them they’ve got to go through with it for real. She points out that in the past, she’s been a party to number of outrageous publicity stunts and, because they abducted her on the eve of the release of her new film, “The Kidnapped Bride,” she tells them her career will collapse unless they make the kidnapping look like it was on the level.

Film Review

may contain Spoilers ** pretty good story of a movie star Laurel Stevens (Jane Russell) who disappears, and happens to have a movie opening that very night. Fuzzy Pink Nightgown has some similarities to the more modern "Ruthless People". Directed by Norman Taurog, who directed many Elvis movies, as well as Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis. Also Keenan Wynn (Dandy), who was the crazy Colonel Guano in Dr. Strangelove, has done TONS of films and TV appearances. Ralph Meeker (Mike) had done a mix of TV shows and movies. Fred Clark (the married man from "How to Marry a Millionaire"; was also the neighbor Harry on Burns/Allen TV show) plays Sergeant McBride searching for Laurel. Adolphe Menjou plays the director of the film being shown in the story, and may or may not be involved in her disappearance. The film wavers between a love story, an adventure/drama, and a comedy. Good film, but probably would have been stronger if it stuck to one theme.

JANE RUSSELL, wearing the worst looking blonde wig since Barbara Stanwyck went blonde for "Double Indemnity", does nothing to enhance the reputation she had after "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", wherein she sometimes stole scenes from Marilyn Monroe and Charles Coburn. Here she plays a ditsy actress supposedly a blonde bombshell whose latest film is about a kidnapped bride.Here she's not exactly a scene-stealer–in fact, her performance is rather strained and only improves after she takes off that horrendous wig. Then, it improves considerably.No help is the script, a tiresome thing that is silly from the start and wastes some talented people–like ADOLPHE MENJOU, RALPH MEEKER and KEENAN WYNN. Meeker seems so uninterested in his role that it shows. Badly.Meeker and Wynn are partners in a kidnapping scheme that fails to go smoothly because Russell is a regular spitfire who proves hard to handle, until she decides the kidnapping would be good publicity for her latest…