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Genres: Drama
Actors: Sandy Dennis , Anthony Newley , Theodore Bikel , Burr DeBenning , Sandy Baron , Marj Dusay , Martin West , Virginia Vincent , King Moody , Robert Gibbons
Director: Robert Ellis Miller
Country: United States
Year: 1968
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (472 votes)

Sara Deever, a kooky Brooklyn Heights girl, sublets apartments and paints in her spare time. Each month, Sara selects from her lodgers a new lover – but only on the condition that he will let their affair end when the month expires. When Charlie Blake, a box manufacturer and her lover-of-the-month, falls in love with her, he is unwilling to give her up. Sara insists, even though it is obvious that she too has fallen in love. As the month runs out, Charlie searches desperately for the key to Sara’s persistence. What he discovers provides the haunting climax to this love story.

Film Review

I only saw this movie one time and that was when it was first released, over 30 years ago. But this movie was such a sweet yet bitter sweet movie that I have never forgotten it. The story was so powerful that it has lasted in my memory for 3 decades. Maybe it was because it was the kind of love that i longed for; one that is total and complete. Then ends never to be found again.

I watched this movie because of Sandy Dennis. I don't know a lot about Dennis but I have been watching her movies to become more familiar. She has a quirky way about her that it wonderfully exploited in this film. She never fully reveals why she does what she does with her men in this movie. Whether it is truly to provide therapy for her guests or if it is a clever way of having intimacy without commitment is no made clear since she has an angle in just about every other enterprise she runs.What makes this movie good is how well Dennis play the character which fits her quirkiness. While the movie is a great comedy, it has a compelling ending. Of course if you've seen the 2001 version, then it has already spoiled it for you. But if you, like me, have not watched the 2001 version because….well because then this movie will be very enjoyable. There is no Keneau stardom stardom to get in the way and you will enjoy the characters.

I love this movie, and I do not like the sequel. Some things are best left alone, as they say.I saw Sweet November when it was released in 1968, I just out of high school.I watched Sweet November whenever it was on TV.I taped Sweet November off of cable, and still have it on VHS.I wait for Sweet November to be released on DVD.I cried each and every time I saw Sweet November.I cried when I heard of the death of Sandy Dennis.I cried when I heard of the death of Anthony Newley.I cry not to have this sweet, wonderful movie in my own collection.Please… "hurry-hurry, ding-ding"!