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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Music
Actors: Matthew Lillard , Michael A. Goorjian , Annabeth Gish , Jennifer Lien , Christopher McDonald , Devon Sawa , Jason Segel , Adam Pascal , Til Schweiger , James Duval , Summer Phoenix , Chiara Barzini , Kevin Breznahan , Christina Karras , Russell Peacock
Director: James Merendino
Country: United States
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (16505 votes)

Two punks live in Salt Lake City. The film covers their all-day routine. The realism of the character-narrated movie may be discussed. One of the punks gets ill, stays in hospital for three weeks, comes out again. Three parties are covered and one concert including a fight between punks, rednecks and others.

Film Review

All i can say, is that this is a wonderful movie about some kids trying to figure out life. I would recommend it to anyone especially if your a teen or young adult, because i think that age group will really appreciate it more because it relates to them more directly than it would possibly to someone older.You just have to look past the swearing and the violence because its so much deeper than that. I know that this movie really made me think about my life, and how things can change really fast no matter if you want them to or not, for better or for worse and you have to be prepaid for whatever comes your way. So all in all one of my favorite movies of all time and to anyone who hasn't seen it, go watch it !!

Skeptical was my first impression of this movie. It seemed as though it would just focus on a bunch of punks and how cool their way of life is. That's not wrong, but it's also not right. This is portrayed throughout most of the movie, but later on, Matthew Lillard's character changes and begins to think about who he is. It served as a great character development, but this is just one of the few great parts about the movie. In the ending, it was shown how talented he can be in a dramatic role. It's hard to see why he isn't in more roles like that. The comedy is lacking and that is what it was labeled under, so it was unimpressive in that factor. It had few chuckle moments. The style is also unimpressive. The pans and cuts are sometimes choppy and the story telling was sketchy at times. Most performances were up to par given the material, but there were still a few missing links. It's a nice, independent movie that can be enjoyed if the lacking parts are di…

I'm not even going to begin to talk about whether or not this flick is "truly punk". I'll tell you what it is: it's a heck of an awesome movie. Sure, you have to be at least a little familiar with the punk scene to thoroughly enjoy it, but hey! Who isn't? Steve-O and Bob are one of the best screen duos ever, and if you've ever been to a public high school than you KNOW these guys. Heck, you might even be these guys, but whatever. The true mastery of this film lies in it's ability to seem preachy but not actually be preachy at all. There's a big "be yourself" message in here, cleverly disguised (or not) under all the "be a punk" stuff. And Mathew Lillard proudly provides cinema one of the best crying scenes in all of history. If that scene doesn't at least choke you up a little bit than you have no soul. Punk or not, this film deserves to be seen.