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Genres: Animation , Adventure , Family
Actors: Eric Pospisil , Kathleen Barr , John Goodman , Whoopi Goldberg , Debbie Reynolds , Bob Newhart , Eric Idle , Richard Simmons , Alec Willows , Lee Tockar , Garry Chalk , Christopher Gray , Vanessa Morley , Myriam Sirois , Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff
Director: William R. Kowalchuk Jr.
Country: United States
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (622 votes)

When Rudolph is born with a red nose he is bullied through out his younger years, but when Stormella closes her bridge of to the public and threaten to put Santa out of business for good this starts a chain of events that brings Rudolph from zero to hero don’t miss it

Film Review

Okay – I'm not sure why anybody would seriously call this something that ranks along with Disney, but the only reason you want to watch this is to see how bad it is.I can't understand how the producers managed to get such good high profile voice talent… but I also would be incredibly surprised to see if John Goodman thinks this is truly something he wants anybody to see. It's absolute animated crap.Obviously the producers had money and spent it on hiring a great casting director, who was well connected… and yet all the actors signed on to something that was absolute crap… did they even SEE any of the animation before it was being voiced? Why didn't the producers spend any money on hiring GOOD animators? As it stands, this ranks among the worst of the lowest-level outsourced amateur-level Saturday morning animation in the world.Reading the praise it's received in previous comments is making me crazy. Seriously, all of you need to see more television and film i…

I absolutely adored this movie when I was younger, and I hate it when people compare it to 'superior' '64 version with puppets. What's so wrong with a fresh new remake anyway. Did the world suddenly stop back in 1964?The story, like all Goodtimes films, is short, sweet and simple, and should please most children, although some little 'uns might find a few scenes scary. The animation is very fluent for a Goodtimes film, and there are some wonderful sequences with the Northern Lights and snowstorms. The songs are fun and catchy, and they are never there just for the sake of having a song. The songs help emphasise on what Rudolph or any other character is feeling right now.I loved this movie so much when I was a kid, I wouldn't just watch it at Christmas. It was an enjoyable romp at any time of the year (look, I'm reviewing this in June!)There's no bad language, no extreme violence, but just a sweet simple story with a strong moral that kids will love. And…

Get ready to hear this, but I actually used to like it when I was little, but for some reason I grew out of it.I can't believe I have to live with this abomination. What was the point of making this movie if there was already a Rudolph special in existence? Were the producers afraid everybody would forget about the Rankin-Bass special? I mean, go on to Amazon, type in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", and you'll see how much we've forgotten about it.The animation is beyond terrible, you may as well be letting whatever kids you're babysitting (if that scenario is the case) watch some college graduate's show-reel.The voices in this movie are annoying. I'm very much offended that Eric Idle (who came from the UK) would be using a Brooklyn accent in this movie. I hope he knows how awful this movie is. The fairies that tell the story are utterly annoying.On top of that, the movie has pretty much no silent moment. There isn't one scene in the movi…