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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance
Actors: Jami Gertz , Dylan McDermott , Sheryl Lee , Aida Turturro , Molly Price , Star Jasper , Joseph Mazzello , Joseph Bologna , Philip Casnoff , Pat Collins , Regina Taylor , Amy Sakasitz , Mary Beth Peil , Jordan Dean , Richard Maldone
Director: David Burton Morris
Country: United States
Year: 1992
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (791 votes)

Sal is a wealthy and triumphant yuppie who normaly would not do everything in order to get a woman. But this time it is something special and he is about to give up his position for his love…

Film Review

Toby (Jami Gertz) is a blue collar class girl in New Jersey with 3 homely loser girlfriends. She wants to change her life. This story gets going when she runs into the car of wealthy New York executive Sal (Dylan McDermott). Before they part she writes her name and number inside a matchbook cover, but he isn’t interested for two reasons — he already has a hot, glamorous girlfriend, and he doesn’t find the frumpy Toby at all attractive. But Toby doesn’t give up easily. Joseph Bologna is good as Toby’s dad, Bennie. There isn’t anything particularly new in this plain vanilla romantic comedy, but is a pleasant little movie.SPOILERS FOLLOW IN REMAINING COMMENTS. Sal has a falling out with his girlfriend and, on a whim, perhaps to get back at her, calls Toby. They have drinks and dinner, talk. Toby has that open, little girl quality about her. They start dating, Sal comes to Toby’s house, Bennie "interviews" him, asks things like "How many windows do you have in your office?…

I loved this movie. Not only did Sal find his place with Toby but Toby did not have to give up her beliefs and her lifestyle. The way Sal looks at Toby is a credit to Jami Gertz and Dylan McDermott on screen chemistry. You can tell from their first date that Sal loves Toby just by the way he does not expect her to change. Sal finally realizes that he never wanted Toby to change, he wanted to change himself. In the end Sal finally admits to himself that he would not be "lowering" himself to be with Toby.