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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Barry Evans , Judy Geeson , Angela Scoular , Sheila White , Adrienne Posta , Vanessa Howard , Diane Keen , Moyra Fraser , Michael Bates , Maxine Audley , Denholm Elliott , Christopher Timothy , Nicky Henson , Allan Warren , Roy Holder
Director: Clive Donner
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1968
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (339 votes)

This comedy / drama film follows the sexual exploits of teenager Jamie McGregor and the permissive society of the 60’s.

Film Review

I cannot believe I never left a comment on here about one of my all time favourite films.. and WHY hasn't it come out yet on DVD?? I was told Barry Evans Estate, but no confirmation. It hasn't been on TV for years, I MUST have a VHS of it somewhere, but DID get a DVD copy from a 'non commercially available' company, and its not a bad copy. Watched it up to when Jaimie finally gets to talk to don't know if 'the' scene is in it. I was delighted to GET a DVD copy of it, but come on people.. we want wide screen stereo? It IS one of the all time greats, as is Smashing Time which also didn't emerge. WHY NOT…??? COME ON!! Yes, Mulberry was filmed in Stevenage.. my DVD includes coverage of then and now of the town.. BUT.. talking of innocence, this IS how it was then. I remember, I was roughly same age as Jaimie.. he was grammar school, I was secondary modern but IT WAS like this. HE lives in a council type estate.. and the journey the film g…

Enjoyed this 1967 teenage film which can be enjoyable even in the Year 2008. Jamie McGregor, (Barry Evans) plays the role of a hot to trot young man who is girl crazy because he is a virgin and would like the experience of going to bed with a girl. Jamie's great interest is in Mary Glouster), Judy Geeson and she proceeds to tease him by taking most of her clothes off and starting trouble with the film making code. The film starts off with Jamie riding his bike to make deliveries to various homes and every girl who goes by him gets a through examination with his eyes. The film location is in England at a very rich man's mansion and if you like teenage film's this is a good one to view.