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Genres: Drama , Western
Actors: Joseph Fiennes , David Wenham , Adrian Lester , Anne Brochet , Nikolina Kujaca , Rosemary Murphy , Vlado Jovanovski , Salaetin Bilal , Vera Farmiga , Matt Ross , Meg Gibson , Tamer Ibrahim , Vladimir Jacev , Vladimir Gjorgjijoski , Zora Georgieva
Director: Milcho Manchevski
Country: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (1478 votes)

Two inter-cut tales of redemption, a century apart. Late in the 1800s, two brothers feud over a woman. She marries one; the other, Luke, a deadly gunslinger, becomes a soldier of fortune in Macedonia, helping Turks keep local Christians in line. He’s after money. Wounded, he’s nursed by a pregnant villager who urges him to “kill for good, not for gold.” A dying old woman in modern Manhattan tells Luke’s story; her listener is Edge, a young thief who’s burgled her flat to pay off crooked cops who can send him to jail. He listens with the desperate hope that he’ll find gold that he thinks she has. The stories intersect when Edge sorts out the old woman’s connection to Luke.

Film Review

Wow I just finished watching this movie and i must say i am greatly disappointed. To start off this movies plot makes no sense what so ever. It seems to drift off somewhere in the middle. The acting is terrible. It is also to long for what it is I mean come on 2 hours for something that could be told in 80min. I swear, about one hour into this thing i kept looking at the clock hoping it would end soon. This movie also takes place in 2 time periods. In present day and in you know western times, but to tell you the truth the present day stuff is way better than the main western part. Of course all films have there good points and this one is no exception on account of the gunfights are fast and full of energy. But still I recommend everyone if your a fan of westerns or not to avoid this one at all costs. My grade F.

A modern western that interestingly takes us between Turkey in the early 1900’s, to modern day New York, New York. DUST brings a well rounded story with unique characters and beautiful scenery to the table, while maintaining a flow between smooth contentedness and shocking chaos. The structure of the narrative is built to keep our attention, creating suspense and leading us to want answers. Problems still exist. One is the overuse of story to reality dualism that completely undermines the reality that the film worked so hard to construct. Violent realism is a shock, showing us the sadistic personalities of this film world in the East. We see many relationships between characters that are very questionable, but still understandable. We are left to ponder (and roll our eyes) upon the happy ending within the sad, yet realistic world. Everything is tied up in the end, but something else interesting occurs. The entire narration of the film is undermined. We are left to question our trust i…

This is a very interesting movie. The plot is based on a story beginning in our times and is mixed with the past century Otoman presence in Macedonia, Europe. I watched it the first time and then once again with the subtitles on. At that point I understood a lot of things the actors were saying, thing that reveals all the story. But you should turn the subtitles on after you’ve watched it without them the first time. Suddenly you get everything from the movie and the whole plot is revealed to you. It’s fabulous!!! Great job for Manchevski, who proves himself to be excellent and a unique director mixing oriental-European flavor and a western movie. The actors are excellent and the scenes shoot in Macedonia are really cool!!!