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Genres: Fantasy , Adventure , Action
Actors: Rafael Valdez , Jon Valera , Richard Blake , Ian Whyte , Megumi Seki , Texas Battle , Ernie Hudson , Randall Duk Kim , Eriko Tamura , Joon Park , James Marsters , Jamie Chung , Emmy Rossum , Yun-Fat Chow , Justin Chatwin
Director: James Wong
Country: United Kingdom, Hong Kong, United States
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 3.1/10 (37317 votes)

The story begins with Goku, who seeks out upon his adoptive grandfather Grandpa Gohan’s dying request to find the great Master Roshi and gather all seven Dragon Balls. Of which he has one, in order to prevent the evil Lord Piccolo from succeeding in his desire to use the Dragon Balls to take over the world. And Goku’s quest is to obtain the mystical Dragonballs before Piccolo does.

Film Review

Dragonball is a great adaptation to a great anime series. I'm a true fan of the show and I absolutely loved this film. I really liked how the characters were portrayed, Goku was great, he plays a high schooler with chi chi. Throughout the entire film they both have a love connection between each other. My favorite character was Piccolo, The actor portraying him did a great job. Bulma plays a tough fearless character, really well too. Yamcha was good, master Roshi was great, and so was Gohan. The story is basic, Goku comes home only to find that his grandpa was killed, Goku then realises he must collect all 7 dragonballs before the eclipse. But in order to do that, he must defeat Oozaru and then defeat Piccolo. The effects were really good, the acting is phenomenal, the story was great, and the character development was really good. I hope we will see a sequel, I highly recommend this to die hard dragonball fans.-You have the power levels of a Boy Scout troop!- Freiza

The only good thing about this movie is the Kamehameha and awesome technology. Otherwise Goku's acting was terrible.And even if this movie would be like a prequel to Dragon Ball Z. They should make a sequel to this movie where Goku became epic. They recruited Piccolo, Tien and Krillin. Gohan is born and Vegeta finally arrives on the scene and that Hollywood can finally find out what a Saiyan is. Oh yeah did I mention the fight scenes were terrible. Fights were too short and I wanted them to more epic. Well if you would even take the time to make a sequel and market it during Dragon Ball Z Kai or during shows with viewers who even know what a Dragon Ball is well then sure life would be great.

How anyone, fan or complete newcomer, could see this and enjoy it or even give it as high as three stars is beyond me. This sort of drivel should be discouraged by everyone, I implore you to burn every copy you find. Extreme? NO BURN IT. Yet again Hollywood has managed to grasp a decent concept, then suck out all its innards and compose a film with its deflated skin, perhaps we should destroy everything that's good, keep some photos, so that the morons with millions can't get their hands on it. NO Goku doesn't go to some cheesy typical American 'high school', he doesn't get bullied and he certainly doesn't have fights at parties with jocks. Mr Wong, I'm assuming, must be a big fan; 'wtf's going on with this?' I pondered as the film dribbled by, there is almost no resemblance in any of the elements of the film, I know I know its someone else's idea of Dragon Ball but Jesus Christ just don't call it Dragon Ball, that way y…