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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Tim Johnson , J. Michael Weiss , Joel Hanson , Ron Vischer , Arielle Brachfeld , Donte Essien , Lisa Wegener , Heath C. Heine , Kevin Cunningham , Mike Ballard , Brandon Eaton , Beau Kiger , Chris DeLaGarza , Sam Del Rio , Rebecca Roth
Director: Hank Braxtan
Country: United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (498 votes)

The mile high city is rocked when an ancient Egyptian menace comes to town, and the Denver Ghostbusters must return to save the universe once more… See full synopsis »

Film Review

I'm a science fiction and horror movie fan and well yes I loved the original Ghostbusters when I was a youth, but compared to the tons of fan film material that were based on the Star Wars series, this was much, much better. I was even frightened watching it, you know, the subtle way! I couldn't get my eyes from the screen!Mostly everything was very good or gorgeous: -The FX were better than in many a commercial TV series. -The acting was very, very good. My special compliments to the "bad guy"!!! -The cuts were wow! -The dialogues were awesome, my god, who wrote the script? Reitman and Ramis personally?Yeah, the main characters are kind of like the original ones, but they got this new "russian" guy also and so the casting is an overall good compromise between old and new.Will somebody please give these guys a TV series? Man, these guys belong in the showbiz!

Fan films are supposed to be just that, films for the fans. Braxton Film definitely took this in to play. This movie can't be used for commercial use, for copyright laws and whatnot. The fact that they knew this, and still took the time and money to make a very good fan film is an amazing feat. I have watched many, many fan films, honestly haven't seen to many good ones, most of them, it is a swing and a miss. But with Return of the Ghostbusters, I was beyond impressed. Braxton Film put together a great movie, with great actors, a good script, great special effects, for in-house effects. It's not your Hollywood glorified CGI, but it does a damn good job. It related great with the old Ghostbuster movies, definitely made for the fans, they kept all the same Ghostbuster language, same types of equipment, etc. Definitely a great storyline, it seems like one that could've been used in a real ghostbusters sequel. Bottom line, I was impressed. Damn good job Braxton Film, …