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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance
Actors: Vince Vaughn , Reese Witherspoon , Robert Duvall , Sissy Spacek , Jon Voight , Jon Favreau , Mary Steenburgen , Dwight Yoakam , Tim McGraw , Kristin Chenoweth , Katy Mixon , Colleen Camp , Jeanette Miller , Jack Donner , Steve Wiebe
Director: Seth Gordon
Country: United States, Germany
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (32182 votes)

Brad and Kate have been together three years, in love, having fun, doing all sorts of things together with no intention of marriage or children. Christmas morning, they’re on their way to Fiji, having told their two sets of divorced parents that they’re off to do charity work. Through a fluke, they have no choice but to visit each of their four idiosyncratic parents. As the day progresses, Brad and Kate remember growing up, each learns more about the other, and Kate realizes that her life may not be as good as it could be. Do they know each other well enough to weather the storms families bring?

Film Review

Four Christmases is the case where the inherent jolliness of its cast may disguise the film's lack of sense, consistency, humor, tone, and purpose. Similar things can be said about a number of romantic comedies nowadays such as Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached, and on an unromantic note, Bad Teacher. Out of that lot, this one is probably the least impressive; it's too bad it can't assemble a great line of jokes and character situations as it can a heartwarming cast.Our story lies with Brad (Vince Vaughn) and Kate (Reese Witherspoon), a happily unmarried couple with divorced parents they never see to avoid contention. For recent years during the holidays, they've vacated their hometown of San Francisco in favor of luxurious paradises instead of staying in the state of California, where they could be bothered by their parents. This year, their vacation to Fiji is cancelled because of an abrupt storm that grounds all flights in and out of the state, and b…

I can only think of a couple good Christmas films that have been released in the 2000's, The Grinch and Elf, all the others have been average or terrible, this one was rated very low and I was hoping would not fit the rating the critics give it, so I chanced it. Basically Kate (Reese Witherspoon) and Bradford 'Brad' McVie (Vince Vaughn) have been in love and together for three years, and not being married or having children have their own fun, such as role play experiences, and they plan to spend Christmas coming on vacation, telling their parents they are going to Fiji. But when their flight is cancelled by bad weather and they unintentionally appear on the news, they are forced into having to spend time with their parents, both their mothers and fathers have divorced, meaning that they live separately, and they will have go to four Christmases. Agreeing the safe word "mistletoe" if they want to leave, they start by seeing Brad's father Howard (Robert Du…

I'm pretty easy going when it comes to comedies , it doesn't take too much to get me to laugh, and I usually enjoy a good Christmas movie but this was just bad! The premise for the movie interested me but it wasn't too far in, that both my husband and I were saying how dumb this film was! The chemistry between Witherspoon and Vaughn was terrible. Their personalities were not exactly likable. The jokes were not very funny. The only scene I actually enjoyed was the wrestling scene between Vaughn and his brothers. I always enjoy Jon Favreau. This movie did nothing to get me in the Christmas spirit. With such an all star cast, very disappointing!