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Genres: Horror
Actors: Daria Nicolodi , John Steiner , David Colin Jr. , Ivan Rassimov
Director: Mario Bava
Country: Italy
Year: 1977
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (1556 votes)

A couple is terrorized in their new house haunted by the vengeful ghost of the woman’s former husband who possesses her young son.

Film Review

Dora Baldini (Diana Nicolodi) has just been released from an asylum. Her drug-addicted husband drove her crazy–and disappeared. She moves back home with her new husband and 10 year old son (David Colin Jr.) from the previous marriage. Things are OK at first–but then her son threatens to kill her and strange things start to happen. Is she going crazy or is his first husband dead and returning to kill her? Very slow and very dull film from director Mario Bava–his final one. I personally never found Bava's movies too good. They are atmospheric but they make no sense and are full of unlikable characters. This one doesn't even have atmosphere to help it! It plods on at a very slow pace and wears out it's welcome long before it's over. Colin is easily one of the worst child actors I've ever seen–it's a good thing he never made another movie. Nicolodi is good and tries–but she can't save the movie. The plot is–to say the least–improbable and there's a m…

Horror genius Mario Bava is, as far as I am considered, one of the greatest directors ever, an opinion that most true Horror lovers will share. His repertoire includes more masterpieces than any other Horror director's, titles like "Black Sunday", "Blood And Black Lace", "Kill Baby… Kill", "The Whip And The Body", "Bay Of Blood" or "Lisa And The Devil" are just some of the many essential Horror films this Italian genius has made. 1977 was a memorable year for Italian Horror fans. Fellow Horror genius Dario Argento directed "Suspira", one of the most brilliant horror films of all-time, in that very year, and Mario Bava ended his career with "Shock", mainly in order to boost the career of his son Lamberto (Dèmoni), who is an OK director himself, but never came near his father's brilliance. This last Mario Bava picture is an Italian-style Haunted House film, and while "Shock" is not…

When I began to watch "Schock" ,I was expecting the worst.Although it was directed by Mario Bava ,the most talented horror movies (along with Dario Argento) in Italy,the maleficent little boys and girls were very trendy at the time in the wake of "the Exorcist" and "the omen" and I was afraid "Schock" might be another story of the nice kid who….But I was surprised! Bava’s greatest achievement is his ambiguity:we will never know if things really happen or is they are only in the mother’s mind.Bava uses the things in the house in a masterful way.Besides,the special effects are kept to a minimal level.And the ending,which avoids the happy end Hollywood would have bestowed on us -always the case when a family’s involved- leaves the audience completely numb.Best moment:in the basement,there ‘s a big hole in the wall.And with very restricted means,Bava makes us FEEL there might be someone down here.