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Genres: Drama
Actors: Toni Cantó , Fernando Fernán Gómez , Rosa Maria Sardà , Penélope Cruz , Antonia San Juan , Candela Peña , Marisa Paredes , Cecilia Roth , Eloy Azorín , Carlos Lozano , Fernando Guillén , Manuel Morón , José Luis Torrijo , Juan José Otegui , Carmen Balagué
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Country: France, Spain
Year: 1999
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10 (49203 votes)

A single mother in Madrid sees her only son die on his 17th birthday as he runs to seek an actress’s autograph. She goes to Barcelona to find the lad’s father, a transvestite named Lola who does not know he has a child. First she finds her friend, Agrado, a wild yet caring transvestite; through him she meets Rosa, a young nun bound for El Salvador, but instead finds out she is pregnant by Lola. Manuela becomes the personal assistant of Huma Rojo, the actress her son admired, by helping Huma manage Nina, the co-star and Huma’s lover. However, Agrado soon takes over when Manuela must care for Hermana Rosa’s risky pregnancy. With echos of Lorca, “All About Eve,” and “Streetcar Named Desire,” the mothers (and fathers and actors) live out grief, love, and friendship.

Film Review

Well, it's no less likely than the next extraordinary familial saga, I suppose. Almodóvar's greatest assets are the directness of his story- telling and his cast. His style is economical, no-nonsense narration, bright (Iberian) colours and honesty. No doubt he demands this of his cast as well, who clearly trust him and deliver fine performances assured that their melodramatics will be faithfully translated onto the cinema screen.The brisk pace that Almodóvar sets means that there's plenty of room for subplots and subsidiary characters. It also means that his films, for all their domesticity and suburban design, accumulate a gravitas that one might otherwise associate with the aspirations of consciously epic films. So here we are casually introduced to Penélope Cruz, who looks rather like another part of the ensemble but has a melodramatic trajectory all of her own. Cruz is good, it must be said, although the film is owned by Cecilia Roth's Manuela. I…

All About My Mother is a Spanish film that was written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar.It stars Cecilia Roth,Marisa Paredes,Antonia San Juan, Penélope Cruz and Candela Peña.The movie deals primarily with femininity together with complex issues like complex issues such as AIDS, transvestitism, faith, and existentialism.All About My Mother is story of a woman and her circle of friends who find themselves suffering a variety of emotional crises. Manuela is a single mother who has raised her son, Esteban, to adulthood on her own and has come to emotionally depend on him. One night, Manuela and Esteban take in a production of A Streetcar Named Desire; after the show, Esteban is struck and killed by a passing motorist as he dashes into the street to get an autograph from Huma Rojo, who played Blanche. Emotionally devastated, Manuela relocates to Barcelona in hopes of finding her ex-husband, who is now working as a female impersonator. Manuela becomes reacquainted with old fri…

A flamboyant and immensely colourful story of the lives of a group of socially marginalised women and women-wanna-be and how these women feel bonded to one another and support one another in each of their extraordinary and difficult lives. Very comical and lyrical, and above all, an utmost aesthetic and very visual treat to the eye and sensualities.Throughout the movie, so many shots were done to their respective cinematic and photographic perfection to an extent I for a few occasions could not stop freezing the shots in order just to watch the still pictures for a few more seconds in detail. The excellent use of lightings and colours laid a flamboyantly vivid and energetic and almost surreal backdrop for the director's story-telling. The shots with Manuela holding a colourful umbrella in the rain watching his son run down by a car, Rosa going into the "not very furbished" yet dream-like flat she recently rented, and Agrado's flat seemingly with Gaudi's architect…