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Genres: Biography , Drama , Romance
Actors: Doris Day , Ronald Reagan , Frank Lovejoy , Eve Miller , James Millican , Russ Tamblyn , Gordon Jones , Hugh Sanders , Frank Ferguson , Walter Baldwin , Dorothy Adams , Bob Lemon , Jerry Priddy , Peanuts Lowery , George Metkovich
Director: Lewis Seiler
Country: United States
Year: 1952
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (323 votes)

In 1911, Grover Cleveland Alexander – Alex to his friends – is a Nebraska country hayseed who says he wants to settle down, marry his girlfriend Aimee Arrants and be a farmer to offer Aimee a secure and stable life. However he always seems to drop everything whenever the opportunity to play baseball, specifically as a pitcher, arises. This focus on baseball does not sit well with either Aimee or her father, who see it as Alex solely wanting to have fun while shirking responsibility. When Alex is asked to pitch in a game against a visiting professional team, he seizes the chance and throws a three hitter en route to winning the game. That leads to a stint on that pro team, the money from which he promises to use to buy Aimee her farm. When an eye injury seems to end his career even before it begins, he changes his focus to being a farmer to please his now wife Aimee Alexander, but thoughts of baseball that can never be in his life still torture him. When his injury does eventually heal a year later, Aimee now wants him to do what makes him happy, which is to pitch. His contract now with the Philadelphia Phillies, Alex’s rise in major league baseball with the Phillies and then the Chicago Cubs is meteoric. But some things threaten his career, such as World War I, insecurity about his previous injury and the resulting turn to alcohol. He’s going to need Aimee’s support to help him through this down slide to his possible redemption. Written by Huggo Based on a true story, Ronald Reagan stars as Grover Cleveland Alexander, a former worker for the telephone company whose hobby is pitching baseball. Recruited by the Philadelphia Nationals, Alexander rises to stardom while only losing about 200 games over twenty years. After playing with the Nationals, “Alex the Great,” as he was known, was traded to the Chicago Cubs, and later, to the St. Louis Cardinals where he was befriended by Frank Lovejoy who plays the manager. Doris Day is exceptional as his beautiful and loyal wife, Aimee.

Film Review

I rated it higher than I normally would because it is a film that deserves to be watched.Anyone who had the benefit of seeing insider comments from the classic film network I taped it from would know that Grover Cleveland Alexander suffered from seizures do to epilepsy.Ronald Reagan was quite disappointed at the film company not including that in the film and not naming the disease, though implying some physical problem was involved in Alexander's problems.The drinking was due to fear (which the film touches on) from NOT UNDERSTANDING EPILEPSY and the seizures that he had.I think Reagan gave the character life and those who point out his deficiencies as an athlete don't mention that he was an athlete himself, playing football and eventually got a job as a sports announcer. That job helped him land his first role in Hollywood as a sports announcer on screen.No actor is going to play baseball as well as an actual baseball player. It is a skill that many have tried and few succee…

Winning Team, The (1952) *** (out of 4) Pretty good, if watered down, drama about the career of Hall of Fame pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander (Ronald Reagan) who started life on the farm but quickly made a name for himself as a pitcher. When his career was apparently over he started to suffer from alcoholism but his wife (Doris Day) gets him back into shape so that he can make a comeback. Once again we have a bio-pic that has been fictionalized but even with this the movie manages to be very entertaining from start to finish thanks to some very good performances. I think there are a few minor issues with one of them being the fact that the studio forced the producer's to cut down on some of the more darker moments. The alcoholism issue is only touched for a few seconds and Alexander's battle with epilepsy is pretty much overlooked. Another minor problem is that this is a movie about Alexander yet a lot of the attention goes to the wife. Day got top-billing but this is cert…

When Forbes Field was mentioned, they spelled Pittsburgh incorrectly. They left out the last letter.That being said, we have a very solid movie here with a marvelous performance by future President Ronald Reagan as Grover Cleveland Alexander. Unfortunately, Doris Day would need another 3 years to develop as a dramatic actress and that would come in her brilliantly breakout performance in "Love Me or Leave Me."It's really a shame that there were some distortions in the film. I read that Amy Alexander divorced her husband twice and remarried him for a 3rd time. It's also ridiculous that the script never mentioned that Alexander suffered from epilepsy. After all, talking about his dizzy spells through us all of somewhat.The picture itself is a heartbreak. From humble beginnings, Alexander became a star baseball pitcher only to suffer a beaning and epilepsy, the latter being confused with alcoholism; although, it was shown that he was hitting the bottle as well as a wa…