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Genres: Drama , Film-Noir
Actors: Ray Milland , Jane Wyman , Phillip Terry , Howard Da Silva , Doris Dowling , Frank Faylen , Mary Young , Anita Sharp-Bolster , Lillian Fontaine , Frank Orth , Lewis L. Russell
Director: Billy Wilder
Country: United States
Year: 1945
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 (17239 votes)

Don Birnam, long-time alcoholic, has been “on the wagon” for ten days and seems to be over the worst; but his craving has just become more insidious. Evading a country weekend planned by his brother Wick and girlfriend Helen, he begins a four-day bender. In flashbacks we see past events, all gone wrong because of the bottle. But this bout looks like being his last…one way or the other.

Film Review

This film seems over the top to me. I am an alcoholic and have known hundreds of others. Sure, some people like films that are over dramatic and this is one of them. In reality, in the worst cases people just crawl into the woods and die, they don't go raging around town. What is with that secure hospital scene where he just walks out? He needed help.Billy Wilder is a remarkable director but I don't think this is one of his best.A "friend" of mine no more showed me this movie. If Jane Wyman wants to travel in time and be such a friend as in the movie it would be fine with me.

Great movie. Great acting, across the board, by the five main characters; but I don't understand why some people are complaining about TLW not being better known or more popular. Come on, you know why. Just picture it: Mr. Guy comes home from work, Friday afternoon, and says to Mrs. Guy "Honey, make yourself pretty and dress up, because tonite I'm taking you out to town for a romantic evening. First we'll go see a movie about a poor sap who just couldn't get off the bottle. Oh, BTW…there's a cool scene there, of a bat chomping up a mouse". Uhh, I don't really think Mr. Guy will be getting much love that night, and for that I'll have to blame his movie choice in first place. That's why TLW isn't much of a popular choice for the masses and why it will never be.But it is a very well done cinematographic work anyway. I have been watching lately, just by chance, some of Wilder's films and I got to say he's one of the true m…