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Genres: Action , Drama , War
Actors: Rick Schroder , Phil McKee , Jamie Harris , Jay Rodan , Adam James , Daniel Caltagirone , Michael Goldstrom , André Vippolis , Rhys Miles Thomas , Arthur Kremer , Adam Kotz , Justin Scot , Anthony Azizi , George Calil , Wolf Kahler
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Country: Luxembourg, United States
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (2999 votes)

In 1918 in World War I, in the Meuse-Argonne Sector in France, the former New York lawyer and Major Charles White Whittlesey is assigned by Gen. Robert Alexander to a massive suicidal attack against the German forces in the Argonne Forest with his five-hundred-man battalion. However, the forces supposed to be giving support through the flanks retreat and the communications with the headquarter of the 77th American Division are cut. Major Wittlesey holds his position with his men, mostly Irish, Polish, Italian and Jewish immigrants from New York, surrounded by the German army. Without food, water, ammunition and medical supplies, only two hundred men survive after five days of siege.

Film Review

After watching this movie I was honestly disappointed – not because of the actors, story or directing – I was disappointed by this film advertisements.The trailers were suggesting that the battalion "have chosen the third way out" other than surrender or die (Polish infos were even misguiding that they had the choice between being killed by own artillery or German guns, they even translated the title wrong as "misplaced battalion"). This have tickled the right spot and I bought the movie.The disappointment started when I realized that the third way is to just sit down and count dead bodies followed by sitting down and counting dead bodies… Then I began to think "hey, this story can't be that simple… I bet this clever officer will find some cunning way to save what left of his troops". Well, he didn't, they were just sitting and waiting for something to happen. And so was I.The story was based on real events of World War I, so the writers could…

We are bombarded with movies that show us the amazing skills and qualities of the American soldier, his bravery, determination etc. I'm not trying to deny these facts, but wouldn't it be nice to see, from time to time, a movie about the "others".i mean, they are humans too. I'm kind of tired of seeing the Americans, "good guys" off-course, kicking the asses of everybody. "Enemy at the gates" is an example of a war movie that, despite his lack of American heroes, still had a certain success. So, dear guys from Hollywood, it is possible…As for this movie, i think the words "cliche" or "kitsch" describe it best. i really had to make huge efforts to watch it till the end. same clichés about the ruthless general that send his mens in impossible missions but they fight like lions and achieve victory, gaining the admiration and respect of the enemy and the gratitude of their comrades blablabla. if you really have time to …

I stumbled across this movie sometime ago and I did not expect much of it. No star cast, no big budget, and no publicity whatsoever. But since I like war movies and especially ones dealing with WW1, I bought the DVD. I expected a lot of rubbish. Boy was I wrong. In my opinion it catches the horrors of war in a very good way. It also in a way explains why whole generations of young men were annihilated. A sad example is the stubborn gen. Alexander. When Whittlesey is sent out he soon finds out the attack is going nowhere and he knows he condemns Whittlesey and his men to certain death, should he order them to push on. He knows they will be out there on their own, with no back up from the french. Instead of doing the sensible thing and ordering the retreat, he lets his personal pride decide. And lies to Whittlesey. Well, thats when it all starts. I'm not going to give away everything, but the following siege is portrayed very well, with some decent special effects. Kind of like Sav…