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Genres: Action , Comedy , Romance
Actors: Christopher Daniel Barnes , Kristin Richardson , Krista Allen , Yelba Osorio , Howard Flamm , John Capodice , Burt Young , Brad Greenfield , Romeo Ballantine , Keith Blaney , Brad Rowe , Tiffany Kenney , Vince Giantomasi , Larry Demme , Steven Chase
Director: Gary Brockette
Country: United States
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 (432 votes)

Ryan and Pete are 27-year old best friends in Miami, born on the same day and each searching for the perfect woman. Ryan is a rookie stockbroker living with his psychic Mom. Pete is a slick surfer dude yet to find commitment. Each meets the women of their dreams on the same day. Ryan knocks heads in an elevator with the gorgeous Jessica, passing out before getting her number. Pete falls for the insatiable Tiara, but Tiara’s uncle is mob boss Vincent Bublione, charged with her protection. This high-energy romantic comedy asks to what extent will you go for true love?

Film Review

I already watch some pretty awful movies, but this is the worst excuse for a movie that I've ever seen.The plot is so cheese that I saw the fist 30 minutes, skipped about 20 minutes and still understand EVERY line. I mean, in this 20 minutes that I skipped, didn't happen any this to the plot that I could miss! After that, I jump to the "movie's" end and surprise! Same thing happen! The ending was exactly that I expected from the first 30 minutes.The only thing that any one could enjoyed about this crap is the HOT HOT HOT Krista Allen. She is one of the most sexy women of the entire planet. And with a bonus: she have this super cute Italian accent. Man, she ALMOST make this crap worth of been seen. I sad almost!Save your self 2 hours and do what I should do. Skip the whole movie!

I'd rather watch paint dry than this movie. It is a comedy that never should have been made…for the simple reason that it isn't even remotely funny. The dialog is amateur. The characters dull, uninteresting, and the type of people you wouldn't want to spend ten seconds with. I can only suspect that the previously positive posted review of this film was posted by the film's producer or director!!! No one with any degree of intelligence would find anything to be amused by in this train wreck of a film. Save yourself the rental fee, and the experience of a 100 minute comedy without a laugh or even a gentle smile in it. Everyone involved with this embarrassment should be prevented from making other films. I purchased the movie used from a local rental shop, and it obviously won't be missed from their rental rack. The movie's stars (Christopher Barnes, Brad Rowe, Kristin Richardson and Burt Young) all look embarrassed and bored.

Very few movies are a romantic comedy as well as an action-packed buddy movie. It was shot in and around South Florida and shows us some of the prettiest scenery of any movie I have seen in a while. The gags come one right after the other. But it’s the minor characters that steal the show here! Pay close attention to the "Smiley" character (he rarely smiles). This is the writer’s first movie and a low-budget independent film at that, but you wouldn’t know it from the screen. Between the writing, the directing and the cast of characters (Frank Bonner is in this!!) this movie will have you laughing from start to finish. This really is the sleeper movie of the year!