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Genres: Action , Comedy , Drama
Actors: Wesley Snipes , Woody Harrelson , Jennifer Lopez , Robert Blake , Chris Cooper , Joe Grifasi , Scott Sowers , Skipp Sudduth , Vincent Laresca , Nelson Vasquez , Vincent Patrick , Aida Turturro , Alvaleta Guess , Vincent Pastore , David Tawil
Director: Joseph Ruben
Country: United States
Year: 1995
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 (22694 votes)

Two foster brothers work as transit cops. While one’s life is as good as it gets, the other’s is a pit. After losing his job, getting dumped by his brother, and getting the crap kicked out of him by a loan shark for the umpteenth time, He implements his plan to steal the “money train,” a train carrying the New York Subway’s weekly revenue. But when things go awry, will his brother be able to save him in time?

Film Review

I think the critic was very hard on this movie. It had entertainment value and it kept me watching. What it really boils down to is your own personal oppinion and I think that’s what we got from the review above. I think this was one of Jennifer Lopez’s better performances. Wesley Snipes was really good with Woody Harleson teaming up again in this movie. There was action, suspense and drama, so if you ask me this film delivered what you were looking for. I mean you can’t go into a movie looking for a Meryl Streep mellow drama and go see a Action movie like money train and then complain. This movie gave it’s audience exactly what it was asking for.

There’s an old saying in Hollywood that less is more; but enough about Hollywood masterpieces, we’re simply talking about a train that carries money – "Money Train."The money train, is the revenue collection locomotive operating in the busy New York subway transit system. On these same subway platforms, two cops, John (Wesley Snipes) and Charlie (Woody Harrelson), are brothers, foster brothers, to be specific. With heavy cover from fellow officers, they often pose as drunks in an effort to bait muggers and other common street scum.But trouble arises when they run afoul of transit system chief and local hard a** Donald Patterson (Robert Blake, who gets some of the best lines and hams it up in a thankless villain role), who considers it his life’s mission to care for his precious revenue train and make hell for John and Charlie. Peep the following dialogue when Patterson discovers John and Charlie are brothers: "You, sir, are a Negro. And you, sir, are white. Is somebody …

One neat way to find out about a certain movie is to go on Youtube and watch a movie review show. This movie, it just so happens, I found out about thanks to the show "Movie Night", a show on the said website from the same user who made the popular show "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?", and both I find to be very good shows that I recommend you watch.Anyway, let's not waste any more time over Movie Night and get on with the review. This movie, to say the very least, is convoluted. I say convoluted because the relationship between John and Charlie is never stable considering how much time they spend together on the screen. I also say convoluted because the plot of the movie is all over the place. Sure, I get the Money Train idea and that all the revenue from the metro system of New York is transported by train to a company of greedy psycho cops. I get that this lady named Grace Santiago, played by none other than Jennifer Lopez, comes into the movie and p…