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Genres: Horror , Romance
Actors: Frank Langella , Laurence Olivier , Donald Pleasence , Kate Nelligan , Trevor Eve , Jan Francis , Janine Duvitski , Tony Haygarth , Teddy Turner , Sylvester McCoy , Kristine Howarth , Joe Belcher , Ted Carroll , Frank Birch , Gabor Vernon
Director: John Badham
Country: United States, United Kingdom
Year: 1979
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (4899 votes)

When a ship is wrecked off Whitby, the only survivor, Count Dracula, is discovered lying on the beach by the sickly young Mina, who is visiting her dear friend Lucy Seward. Lucy, her fiancé Johnathan Harker (a solicitor), and her father Dr. Seward (who runs the local asylum) try to make the Count feel welcome to England. The Count quickly takes the life of Mina, and proceeds to romance Lucy, with the intention of making her his greatest bride. Soon after the death of Mina, the Sewards call her father, Dr. Van Helsing to come to their home. As Lucy falls deeper under the spell of the Count, Dr. Van Helsing almost immediately comes to understand that his daughter fell prey to a vampire and discovers the culprit to be none other than the Count himself. Dr. Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, and Johnathan Harker work together to foil the Count’s plans to take Lucy away to his native Transylvania.

Film Review

Now, I'm going to forward a controversial comment. This is the BEST adaptation of Dracula yet seen and miles better than Coppola's version.I liked this adaptation because it was a subtle take on the old legend, needing neither the overblown pretension of Coppola's rather lurid and purple-prosy presentation, nor the schlocky elements of the Hammer versions (as good as they are).Frank Langella really was the definitive Count. He carried the role off with charm and calculation, making him far more rounded a character than Oldman did (but maybe not with the poignancy). What makes the difference though, is that Langella gets first-class back-up while (with the exception of Anthony Hopkins) Oldman was left on his own by the woodenly gruesome performances of the supporting cast (Wynona Ryder and especially Keanu Reeves were the chief culprits here). Kate Nelligan, Sir Larry and Donald Pleasance were in fine form and Trevor Eve made more of the Jonathan Harker character than Reeve…

In 1979 the world saw not one but three new movie versions of Dracula. First came Werner Herzog's "Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht", a remake of the silent classic. Then came a delightful comedy "Love at First Bite" that moved Count Dracula to modern day New York. And then came this one, a new version of Hamilton Deane's and John L. Balderstone's famous play version, which also inspired the 1931 Bela Lugosi classic. The film is directed by John Badham, the director of "Saturday Night Fever" which made John Travolta a star.Story is set in the 1920's Edwardian England. A ship wrecks on coast of Whitby and the only one to survive is a mysterious foreign noble man, Count Dracula (Frank Langella). Count quickly introduces himself to Dr. Seward (Donald Pleasence), who is running an asylum nearby, and to her daughter Lucy (Kate Nelligan), her fiancé Jonathan Harker (Trevor Eve) and their best friend Mina (Jan Francis). Not long when Mina has …

Frank Langella – that's almost all I might need to say to get you interested in watching this 524th adaptation of Bram Stoker's quintessential vampire novel. He doesn't have the Euro-creepiness of Bela Lugosi (nor the eyebrows), and Christopher Lee is by many accounts the definitive Dracula, but Langella is something a little more subtle, more menacing with his seductive calm. That might sound contradictory but just keep an eye on this man's face, his eyes that just kind of twitch if a little alerted, and a voice that cuts through any BS and can reel in lady Van Helsing or lady Seward for a passionate tryst in the guise of a typical blood sucking (yes, it should be the other way around but for Langella it is not). If for nothing else, in as with Frost/Nixon a role he originated in recreating on Broadway, he's the reason to see the movie.John Badham's film, by the way, is by no means disreputable or a bad movie. It's actually pretty cool with its period prod…