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Genres: Romance , Musical , Drama
Actors: James Brown , Hazel Shermet , Irving Bacon , Amanda Blake , Lucy Marlow , Tommy Noonan , Charles Bickford , Jack Carson , James Mason , Judy Garland
Director: George Cukor
Country: United States
Year: 1954
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 (7815 votes)

Norman Maine, a movie star whose career is on the wane, meets showgirl Esther Blodgett when he drunkenly stumbles into her act one night. A friendship develops, then blossoms into romance before tensions increase as Esther’s career takes off while Norman’s continues to plummet.

Film Review

Judy Garland remained, through her life, plagued with insecurity about her appearance – she was on the plumpish side, not classically beautiful by a long straw, not statuesque or willowy or any of the other things which leading ladies of that era were meant to be.So what – who cares. Her Vicki Lester, in 'A Star Is Born', remains one of the most unforgettable creations seen on the silver screen, who remains with you for ever and ever. Judy Garland's interpretation of the character was a tour de force if ever there was one, imbuing and imbibing the persona with shades and contours which even the creator of the character would possibly never have visualized, making a legend out of an otherwise ordinary heroine with all human frailties.Which is not, of course, to say that James Mason, as the mercurial Norman Maine, fell short – it's just that the character of Vicki Lester was so powerful that it HAD to dominate the film. It is a story often told, no doubt, but as told…

About 20 minutes into 'A Star is Born', I became thoroughly confused as to what was happening in the storyline. Fading, alcoholic screen star, Norman Maine (James Mason), has just persuaded Esther Blodgett (Judy Garland) to quit her job as a singer in a band with the promise that he'll get her a screen test the next day at his movie studio. Maine persuades Esther to take the 'chance of a lifetime' and she vows she'll never work again as a waitress, a job she was slaving away at prior to procuring her current job as a low-rent band singer. The next thing I see are a series of production stills with the film's soundtrack underneath. There are brief glimpses of moving pictures including Esther working as a car hop. I was thinking, 'what gives?'–she stated emphatically she wouldn't be going back to working in such a menial job and here she is, serving all varieties of hamburgers at a fast food joint. And what happened to the screen test t…

Directed by George Cukor A Star Is Born is the emotionally draining story of one of the worlds greatest actors and the young woman he helps turn into a star.It also however deals with his decline in alcoholism as she becomes more famous than he and nobody will work with him any longer.Matinée idol Norman Maine(James Mason)is a leading star who's drink problem is causing a few problems but his talent ensures he is still employed.He meets young singer Esther Blodgett(Judy Garland)with a fabulous singing voice who saves him from embarrassment at a big benefit show where he turns up drunk.The two fall in love and marry.All seems well as Norman lays off the booze and she starts to become a famous actress(repackaged as the glamorous Vicki Lester).However once her fame outshines his directors stay away from him and he descends into alcoholism,leading to a tragic and heartbreaking ending.A warts and all look at the Hollywood system and the effect on actors when for what ever reason …