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Genres: Biography , Drama , Musical
Actors: Susan Hayward , Rory Calhoun , David Wayne , Thelma Ritter , Robert Wagner , Helen Westcott , Una Merkel , Richard Allan , Max Showalter
Director: Walter Lang
Country: United States
Year: 1952
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (570 votes)

Jane Froman (Susan Hayward), an aspiring songstress, lands a job in radio with help from pianist Don Ross (David Wayne), whom she later marries. Jane’s popularity soars, and she leaves on a European tour… but her plane crashes in Lisbon, and she is partially crippled. Unable to walk without crutches, Jane nevertheless goes on to entertain the Allied troops in World War II.

Film Review

There is a very simple reason why they don't make movies like this now. As a matter of fact, there are at least two, equally valid, reasons. There are no heroes like Jane Froman and there are no actresses like Susan Hayward. I first saw this movie as a child and yesterday I watched it for perhaps the 20th time after reading a brand new biography of Jane Froman (Say It With Music). The story in the movie is close enough to the facts and the music, Jane Froman's music, was in fact the real thing. I bought two copies of the new DVD. One to play and to keep just in case because this one is a keeper. A truly wonderful movie. Uniquely wonderful.

In 1952, 20th Century-Fox produced a Technicolor extravaganza devoted to the singing career of the legendary Jane Froman.Today, most folks don’t know who she was, but this film — strangely missing from the Fox classics series — not only shows us the kind of woman she was but treats us to one of the most amazing catalogs of music ever put on screen.Music director Alfred Newman, with associate Ken Darby, worked with Jane Froman and Susan Hayward, who portrayed/lip synced to Froman’s voice. Newman won a much-deserved Oscar for this work (beating out "Singin’ in the Rain").It’s a cornucopia of 1940s popular music and is performed by one of the most amazing voices I’ve heard. The film is beautifully written, tautly directed and acted to perfection. When I first saw this film in the early 60s on NBC’s "Saturday Night at the Movies," Susan Hayward instantly became my favorite actress of all time. She is extraordinary as Froman, and in many ways resembled her. Hayward an…

I wonder when this wonderful movie "With a song in my heart" will be available in DVD format with subtitle in Spanish. I love this movie and it is impossible to see it in Mexico. Please help me!!!! I saw this movie almost 25 years ago and since then I became a Jane Froman's fan, I have all their CD's. I enjoy Jane Froman's songs and my little daughter 4 years old is listening at their songs, but I would love that she can see this movie one day, that's why I would like to know if there is a possibility to have this movie in DVD format. I hope one day it will include Spanish subtitle too. Susan Hayward has an excellent performance in this movie. I highly recommend this movie. Help me! help me please!!!!