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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Carmen Maura , Luis Hostalot , Ryo Hiruma , Ángel de Andrés López , Gonzalo Suárez , Verónica Forqué , Juan Martínez , Chus Lampreave , Kiti Manver , Sonia Anabela Holimann , Cecilia Roth , Diego Caretti , José Manuel Bello , Pedro Almodóvar , Fabio McNamara
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Country: Spain
Year: 1984
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (4579 votes)

A dysfunctional family in Madrid: Gloria is a cleaning lady, hooked on No-Doze, living in a crowded flat with Antonio, her surly husband, a cabby who adores an aging German singer he used to chauffeur; he’s also a forger. One teen son sells heroin, the other sleeps with men. Her mother-in-law keeps bottled water and cupcakes under lock and key, selling them to the family. Two alcoholic writers cook up a plot to sell a manuscript as Hitler’s memoirs, if Antonio will transcribe it in Hitler’s hand. He agrees, so they ask the German singer to play the role of the original owner since her past affinity for Nazi memorabilia makes her a likely candidate. Meanwhile, Gloria has given away one son to a sex-crazed dentist, and grandma picks up a pet lizard. Can this chaos be tamed?

Film Review

One thing about Pedro Almodovar's films is that they are never boring. Another is that women do whatever they need to do to get by. This film is no different and it is almost as if he followed the theme here with Volver. In fact, the star of this film, Carmen Maura, is also in Volver.Gloria (Carmen Maura) does whatever she needs to do to get by, whether it is popping No-Doze or sniffing glue. She works constantly to provide for her family, as her no-good husband (Ángel de Andrés López) is not pulling his weight.One son sells dope and the other likes to have sex with his friend's fathers. Grandma (Chus Lampreave) sits around talking about the village.Her best friend Cristal (Verónica Forqué – Matador) is a prostitute.Almodovar presents an upside down world where everything is exaggerated. This is a thinking man's movie. You really have to pay attention to get it. That is not to say it is not enjoyable, but you miss a lot by not fully parti…

Prostitution. Drug addiction. Murder. Infidelity. All make for a riveting movie, yet in Pedro Almodovar's Que he hecho yo para merecer esto! these fascinating elements seem to be solely for one's amusement and do not add much to the film's purpose; assuming there was one to begin with. Que he hecho yo paramerecer esto! seems to have been made for pure shock value; the elements of prostitution, drug addiction, murder, and infidelity are all mixed up and never seem to come together to make a purpose of the story. After watching the film I do not know what the purpose or morale of the story was, to me it seemed to end with a lot of loose ends. Why did Toni suddenly decide to leave with Abuela to the village? Why is it that when Gloria confesses to the murder of her husband she is not arrested? Why doesn't Vanessa use her telekinetic powers to get away from or get rid of her tyrant mother? These are a few of the many questions that are left unanswered.It is classic Alm…

A very funny look at a very dysfunctional family. (minor spoilers and give aways)Mom ends up killing dad, one kid is a drug dealer, the other is a doctor's teenage gay lover, and their neighbor is a happy hooker. Sort of a family sit-com on acid. Some wonderful performances, and even moments real emotion sneaking in here and there. It does start to wear down by the end, and doesn't add up to a lot (other than being part off the young Almodovar's stick in the eye of the old repressive Spanish order) , but it's unique and kind of lovable, like it's characters.