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Genres: Adventure , Animation , Family
Actors: Gregg Rainwater , Rob Paulsen , Brad Garrett , Jeff Bennett , Billy Zane , Jean Stapleton , David Ogden Stiers , Russell Means , Linda Hunt , Finola Hughes , Donal Gibson , Jim Cummings , Irene Bedard , William Morgan Sheppard , Kath Soucie
Director: Bradley Raymond , Tom Ellery
Country: United States
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 4.8/10 (2551 votes)

Pocahontas sets of on a journey to England with Meeko, Flit, and Percy. Hearing rumors of John Smith’s death, Pocahontas tries to prevent war and battle.

Film Review

Disney had been criticised for sugar-coating the legend of American Princess Pocahontas in 1995. They had obviously since taken the criticisms on board as proved right here in this direct-to-video sequel and I seriously wouldn't recommend this title for very young viewers. This just goes to show how right Disney were to fictionalize the true story because while this sequel retains Pocahontas's adorable animal friends, the same looks, same backdrop, more songs and yes more fiction this sequel is truer to the historic legend and, certainly for a child, is quite disturbing. In the first film, Governor John Ratcliffe is portrayed as greedy, pompous and mean but here he is pure evil! He is nastier than ever and guess who he's out to get next! Yes, I'm afraid it's Pocahontas! Upon her arrival in England, he abuses her, torments her and even stops at nothing to get her killed and his plan in doing so couldn't be more sick! There is even a sequence where Ratcliff…

"Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World" is the direct-to-video sequel which takes our title character to England as a diplomat. She's dispatched to prove to the King that the Native Americans aren't savages and can live in peace with new settlers. Along the way, she meets up with John Smith and falls in love with John Rolfe. She must choose between the two while learning to be "proper" and foiling the attempts of saboteurs who want to have the Indians exterminated so the Americas can be conquered. The follow-up isn't as smooth as the original in its animation style. There's a big difference in the quality. If you were just stepping into the movie having not seen the first one in a long time it wouldn't be as noticeable. If you watch them back-to-back the differences are apparent. That's not to say the animation is poor quality. It's just not as polished as its big-screen predecessor. "Pocahontas II" fits into the "D…

In case you haven't read my review of Disney's 1995 theatrical film, "Pocahontas", I stated that I saw it on the big screen when I was just under the age of 9, and was not too pleased. I think I liked every other animated Disney effort I saw in my childhood (both the ones Walt produced and the ones that have been made since his death) more than that one. That's why I only saw "Pocahontas" once until over a decade later, and even then, I still wasn't that impressed. I guess the main reason why I watched this straight-to-video sequel was because the ending of the original left me a tad curious.Back in England, John Smith is presumed dead! When this news gets across the ocean, Pocahontas is very upset, but knows she has to move on. Later, when a ship from England arrives, Pocahontas soon meets John Rolfe, which doesn't work out too well at first. However, in order to stop England from waging war on Jamestown, an envoy must come back with Rolfe…