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Genres: Fantasy , Horror
Actors: Otto Jespersen , Glenn Erland Tosterud , Johanna Mørck , Tomas Alf Larsen , Urmila Berg-Domaas , Hans Morten Hansen , Robert Stoltenberg , Knut Nærum , Eirik Bech , Inge Erik Hnejesand , Tom Jørgensen , Benedicte Aubert Ringnes , Magne Skjævesland , Torunn Lødemel Stokkeland , Finn Norvald Øvredal
Director: André Øvredal
Country: Norway
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (32982 votes)

When bears are found dead in Norway, the students of the Volda University Thomas, Johanna and the cameraman Kalle decide to investigate. They stalk the trailer of the mysterious hunter Hans expecting to find an explanation for the killings. The reluctant Hans tries to flee from the youngsters, but he agrees that they film him in action provided the follow his orders. Sooner the trio of students learns that Hans is actually a troll hunter that works for a secret government agency. Further, several dangerous trolls have escaped from their territory and Hans is assigned to eliminate them.

Film Review

The producers of "Trollhunter" decided to cash in on the whole "found footage" gimmick that has been a hit in the cinema business in recent years, and made a movie about these college students who follow around a hunter who hunts trolls for a living. B-rated? You bet it is. The film tries to play of like it's real, and like you the viewer are watching someone's home videos of this dude hunting giant trolls in the woods. And that's pretty much it.The film is a 2010 foreign film, it's from Norway, but there are options on the language section on the blu-ray to where you can listen to the English dubbed version of the film if you don't speak Norwegian or if you're not interested in reading English subtitles. There is also an option where you can set the film up to whenever the film shows Norwegian text on the screen, it will show translated English text.The film is written and directed by André Øvredal, and has an unknown cast. …

This is the worst film ever made.I suspect that the overwhelmingly positive reception of this movie is either; 1. A marketing exercise to see just how far hype can triumph over substance, 2. Mass hysteria and a surefire sign that humans are a danger to themselves and others or 3. A gigantic online joke at my expense.Out of 8 friends, I was the only one to watch this to the end. I persevered for one reason – so that in future, If I'm watching a really terrible film and thinking about switching it off or leaving the cinema I can say to myself; "no, you can do this, you've watched Trollhunter".

I had been looking forward to this for a while but unfortunately somehow managed to miss it being in the cinema, something I still regret! Even though I didn't get to see it in full cinematic glory, I was still pretty impressed.The student documentary premise really worked it was actually very well shot (but could you really go wrong with that scenery?). It was funny, dry, witty and had endearing characters. Add on top of that that the story is about Trolls and,well, how could you possibly go wrong? Watch this movie, but when you do watch it with a grain of salt, don't expect something serious or scary.