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Genres: Horror , Comedy
Actors: John Kassir , Dennis Miller , Erika Eleniak , Angie Everhart , Chris Sarandon , Corey Feldman , Aubrey Morris , Phil Fondacaro , William Sadler , Kiara Hunter , Leslie Ann Phillips , Juliet Reagh , Eli Gabay , Matt Hill , Eric Keenleyside
Director: Gilbert Adler
Country: United States
Year: 1996
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (7571 votes)

The old bag of bones ‘Cryptkeeper’ returns for his second full length feature flick about a funeral home that’s a front for a whorehouse run by vampires.

Film Review

With Dennis Miller, you can expect that this will not be the usual Vampire movie. He makes constant references to movies, TV stars, and other personalities throughout. It is hard to believe that he didn't get writing credit as i imagine many of the lines were his. That's just a guess.Dennis certainly has his eyes on Erika Eleniak (Under Siege) throughout, as do we. She can't hide behind that uptight Christian persona, and she gets to come out of her shell and deliver what all of us that despise Deniss Miller wanted to see.It also features Angie Everhart (First to Die) as the head vampire. The first fire-top on Glamour magazine, Angie didn't give us the display she had in Jade, but she was hot hot hot throughout. Unfortunately, she was really hot towards the end.Lots of gore and sexual innuendo. Despite his best efforts, Miller did not completely ruin the film.

I was surprised to notice that this flick has a low rating. Overall the movie wasn't bad at all. But you have to understand Tales From The Crypt. It is more black comedy than horror of course, starting with the crypt keeper. So many people out there find that guy annoying. He doesn't bore me, I was lucky to meet the crypt keeper in real life, John Kassir is his name, a really nice guy. Why is everybody on his back? The movie itself is never gory of course but it delivers a lot of blood and in this case a lot of nudity, if you have the full uncut version, here in Europe the movie is cut with 20 minutes. Just for the tits, weird. It's full of one liners just like the crypt keeper himself, when the master vampire, who works at a bordello, puts her tongue into a guys throat she goes search his heart with her tongue, of course he dies, and she said, men likes women who goes deep throat. Another example is cutting of the head of a guy by saying, I love men giving me head. and…

I really like this movie, it reminded me of "Demon Knight" and it’s just as great as "Demon Knight." I really think that Corey Feldman is a sexy and cool dude! He’s really cool in this film, and he was cooler from "The Lost Boys" and I think he’s still the Prince of Scary Movies. He’s also really good looking in his older age, I betcha all the girls, even his wife thought he’s till good looking. Dennis Miller could be funny or should I say, "Damn Funny!" Thank you for the comment. I do believe that they should continue on doing the scary tales from the crypt.Signed, element_pharaohs