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Genres: Family , Drama
Actors: Catherine Bell , Chris Potter , Catherine Disher , Peter MacNeill , Matthew Knight , Elizabeth Lennie , Hannah Endicott-Douglas , Noah Cappe , Paul Miller , Laura Bertram , James McGowan , Jordan Todosey , Ward Marie , Graham Abbey , Gitta Hannson
Director: Craig Pryce
Country: Canada
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (185 votes)

Almost as soon as Jake and Cassie decide to get married on Christmas Eve, complications arise. An ex-con, Leon Deeks (Graham Abbey, “The Border”), arrives in town, and Jake is asked by the Mayor to make him his top priority. At the same time, Jake’s having trouble securing the wedding license since he can’t find Cassie’s documents proving her existence. There’s also the difficulty in finding a wedding cake at the last minute. Last but not least, Jake’s kids are upset: Brandon (Mathew Knight, “Candles on Bay Street”) wants to spend time with his new girlfriend, and is feuding with his sister, Lori (Hannah Endicott-Douglas, “Samantha: An American Girl Holiday.”) Meanwhile, Lori manages to lose Cassie’s wedding ring.

Film Review

Traditional holiday fanfare courtesy of the Hallmark Channel.This is a continuation of the story of a witch and how she has helped the people of her local town. Engaged to the town sheriff, the story is basically how their attempts to set a wedding date are always thwarted and when they set the date for Christmas eve, events just don't seem to go their way and it appears that the ceremony will have to be postponed.It's also a story of a former bank robber who comes back to the town after he is released from prison in an attempt to reconnect with his ex-wife and daughter.As is the case with most Hallmark films at holiday time, it's a story basically of redemption and human kindness. A pleasure to see that violence is missing.

Another cute movie by Hallmark. Perfect for the holiday's!! Although predictable, they should make more of these light hearted movies. They are just perfect for any age. Catherine is so sweet at Cassandra Nightingale. Maybe not an award-winning movie but just right for watching with the family during the Christmas season!! Can't wait to see what they have for us next year!!My question is, where the heck can I get my hands on any of the sweaters Catherine Bell is wearing in this movie? They are fantastic!! There isn't any information available on the wardrobe used in this movie. Is this available anywhere?

Catherine Bell returns for the third time as mild-mannered witch Cassie Nightingale for the Hallmark Channel. Previous entries in the series were THE GOOD WITCH and THE GOOD WITCH'S GARDEN.In this one, Cassie and her fiancé are preparing to get married on Christmas Eve, and various plot complications occur, all of which are set up via exposition. The dialogue, alas, is not particularly good, but as in the earlier movies, Miss Bell keeps a perky smile and attitude at all times, as things simply fall her way.It's all a bit too easy for any sense of drama, but the actors are all competent and, as usual for these Hallmark productions, there is some very good camera-work by John Berrie, who seems to like classical camera movement to maintain composition.This one won't win any awards, but for people who have enjoyed the earlier movies, this should be a nice reunion.