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Genres: Drama , Mystery , Thriller
Actors: Nanda , Manoj Kumar , Pran , Helen , Mehmood , Dhumal , Madan Puri , Tarun Bose , Manmohan , Naina , Laxmi Chhaya
Director: Raja Nawathe
Country: India
Year: 1965
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (332 votes)

After dancing together in a night club, seven young people (five men and two women) are told they have won the night’s dance contest and are instructed to board a small plane that will take them to their prize holiday. Instead, they end up stranded on a small island with one of the plane’s co-pilots. In search of shelter, the eight go to a mansion where they meet a sinister-looking butler who announces that he knows all them and has been expecting their arrival. After a few musical numbers, castaways begin dropping dead one by one. Who could the killer be, and will any of them escape his grasp?

Film Review

The movie starts out simple enough. A man stands at a balcony and smokes a cigarette while watching a drunk man (coming out of a nightclub/bar) getting run over with a car. This is all intentional. The man on the balcony goes inside, pays someone for the death of the man on the street and then proceeds to call a whole bunch of people to let them know the man has died. In the middle of the phone call to the dead man's niece, a strange man in a trench coat, hat and gloves comes in and shoots the man.After this we get the most famous scene of this movie : the dance scene that was shown in Ghost World. Its a crazy 60's rock n' roll dance number, complete with a girl dressed in a gold dress with frills, male dancers dressed in black suits with white frill shirts, female backup dancers in pink dresses with frills and a lounge singer dressed in a white suit with black tie. They are all wearing black masks. The song is quite catchy and makes you wanna get up and dance (or if yo…

HOW could anyone not love GUMNAAM? The most sensational dance number ever to open a serial killer movie "Jan Pennechaan Ho" and the fabulous Glomesh Ganesh in a gold Lame dress, Zorro boys and India’s answer to Little Richard kick start GUMNAAM off to a musical start start unmatched in movie history. There even seems to be the wives and aunties of the producers as chorus girls, all out of step in their purple frilly dresses – and Zorro masks. Not even the superb 1955 plaster nightclub decor (made in 1965) or the (laughing bird) Kookaburra sounds (often heard in Tarzan films) clutter this most exuberant of nightclub dance numbers. The lead singer even throws himself on the floor and convulses – all in tune! The "Anything Goes" opening of INDIANA JONES TEMPLE OF DOOM can’t even match this for ‘out of your seat’ shocko bizarro, because from then on GUMNAAM busies itself with a literally ‘and then there were none’ plot. There is a haunted mansion, ghosts and nooses fro…

About ten years ago, my brother and I were sick with the flu and surfing the endless satalite channels when we came across this movie and could not change the channel. We laughed all day and days to come: imitating the dance with the masked men and the lady in the obnoxious gold dress. And I was laughing again when I saw it again a few months ago in Ghost World. You think the abstract direction of the sixties was bazaare and silly- check out what was going on in India.