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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Vincent Giry , Gaku Hamada , Atsushi Itô , Kengo Kôra , Mirai Moriyama , Yoshihiro Nagata , Nao Ohmori , Mikako Tabe
Director: Yoshihiro Nakamura
Country: Japan
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (1129 votes)

A rock band writes a song called “Fish Story” based on a sentence from a badly translated novel by a quack translator. The song exceeds the boundaries of space and time and ties people and their stories together. Thirty-seven years go by, and the song strikes a comet and saves the Earth from total destruction.

Film Review

I came to this movie with high expectations since I had heard it loudly praised. Alas — Ozu, Kurosawa and Mizoguchi must be spinning in their graves. Each of them had more talent in his little finger than the entire staff and cast of this profoundly silly movie. We are supposed to be impressed by the way the 4 stories are twined together at the end — in fact, all we get is a handful of mini-films, each of them fairly ridiculous, cobbled together by a flimsy plot device. Everyone acts like a plank — they might as well be reading from scripts sometimes. And the characters are cardboard cut-outs who appear to have stepped off the page of a cheap manga. Look at the exaggerated poses in the martial arts scene for instance. The old man in the record shop gloating because the human race has no chance of survival was especially irritating, and the moment when he got punched in the face was a rare highlight. This is sophistication? This is avant-garde? This is life-affirming humanist cinema…

Sweet charming shaggy dog story about how a song saves the world from destruction. This is film that is rather impossible to describe simply except with the opening line of this review (to say more would either give too much away or require too much explanation). Beginning in the last five hours before a giant comet is set to hit earth and wipe everyone out, the film starts in a record shop (still open because "its business hours") where a discussion of punk music leads to the album and song called A Fish Story. The film then spins out telling the story of the song, the group that created it and the sequence of events, of which it is but one part, that lead to the saving of the earth and to the men standing in the record store.A frequently funny and smiling producing film this is a movie that will occasionally confuse you (you will wonder how it all ties together a mystery which remains until they reveal how it all ties together at the very end). It's a film with enough…

In short: Fish Story will take you on a wild, improbable ride that will leave you smiling once the credits begin. It is a film that rewards multiple viewings as it will leave you thinking and desiring to watch it again almost immediately. Great acting and an incredibly well put together set of events leads to a movie that definitely should be seen. My favorite film of 2009 so far.If you haven't seen Fish Story yet, you may want to stop reading this review after this paragraph. There aren't spoilers in my review, but it is one of those movies that is best viewed with no preconceived ideas about the plot. Watch the film and enjoy the twists and turns that the story takes. It is a ride that most will undoubtedly enjoy.Fish Story is about a punk band named Gekirin that recorded a single called "Fish Story" in 1975, a year before the Sex Pistols popularized punk music. Despite knowing that their music won't sell, Gekirin and their supportive producer decide to reco…